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The Forest

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Weather Summary

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The August of 2018 arrived in the Northeast in a blur, and it was sure a painful one. This month was dominated by the Bermuda High, propelling high dewpoint temperatures into the entirety of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

@StretchCT was the first to open a thread on the pattern (it remains on the blighted AccuWeather Forums at the time of this writing, but will soon be deleted). A heat wave ensued, cooking the region in high temperatures, but it was only the beginning of a disruptively hot and humid summer.

August opened with a small thunderstorm event. The first to be documented on this forum was a notable light-show producer, while at the same time not causing too much damage. It provided beautiful pictures, while at the same time not being a "bad storm."

The second thread for the MidAtl/NE in the new forums was destined to be about the ensuing upper level low system that was impacting the region, bringing with it a variety of flooding concerns. This was forecasted using the Typhoon Rule, and boy did it deliver. Meanwhile, areas to the north of the storm continued to bake, with temperatures in the mid-80s in Montreal and Burlington. Under the ULL, overcast skies dominated the weather for multiple days. 

It was followed by yet another small severe storm event. Again, not much to note here, but the rain tally was slowly starting to add up.

Another summer rainstorm marched in a few days later. With a saturated ground and a large system, flooding was bound to happen. New Jersey was right in the crosshairs. High PWATs made efficient rain producers, once again adding to the rain total.

A brief respite was needed, and arrived. A brief period of refreshing air, with low dewpoint temperatures, entered the region. The northern tier experienced wildfire smoke, arriving all the way from Canada, but their hazy mornings were only a slight blip in the marked reduction in overall comfort and happiness. Alas, this was extremely short-lived, with the sticky humidity returning slightly earlier than expected

A series of heat waves began to test the patience of many throughout the forum. The heat was not headline-worthy due to its lack of high air temperatures, but the humidity made the difference. In fact, August had already been a record in average dewpoint temperatures for some, and the Bermuda High was just getting settled in. The heat returned on August 26th with a vengeance. Days of 80+ dewpoint temperatures made air conditioning borderline essential, and plagued the outdoor work schedules of many. Small, pop-up severe storms were commonplace in the unstable environment.

The temporarily-absent rains returned in CTP in a surprise move. Flash Flood Warnings were issued to close August, with numerous highways being closed, cars being abandoned, and water rescues being performed. Locally, almost double-digit rainfall numbers were recorded, once again adding to an already wet month.


September carried on where August had left off. Heat waves continued with seemingly relentless dewpoint temperatures assaulting the patience of many.

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