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Spring Fever Spreading

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Russian River Flooding/ camping at Johnson's Beach



...Now that this story has achieved National headlines it looks as if people are beginning to understand how much rain can fall in California during 'extreme' events...this flooding was very devastating to many residents along the massive Russian River course...

...downtown Guerneville was virtually cut-off from the rest of the county...idee has camped many times at Johnson's Beach during the summer while he worked at the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa...most of these years were in the 'drought' years...the bridge crossing the Russian River in downtown Guerneville seemed extremely high above the low lying river...the campground was in the 'riparian' area about 10 feet below the streets of Guerneville, in a grove of sycamore trees...sycamores often grow next to streams and rivers, and can take large floods...

...to see the water levels rise so high is amazing, on walks through Guerneville in those years many signs on businesses and Inns showed 'flood level' meters showing how high the water has risen in the past...it was hard to imagine flood waters rising to 40-50ft when the drought had turned the Russian River into a tiny stream that idee observed during his stays during the heat of summer(July into August)...thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people devastated by flooding in Northern California...hopefully none of the storms we receive this Spring bring such disasters.



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