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My Background

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General Post

My Background

September 08, 2018 - 0300z

     I would like to begin this blog by sharing a few things about myself, as I am sure this forum will soon see an increasing number of members who were never part of the AccuWX boards, or who were, and don't remember me. It's alright, I won't take it too personally. I feel like before you go on to read any weather-related thoughts I may have, you should have an understanding of my credentials, training, and background; that will allow you to place a personal value to how relevant you think my ramblings are. Judge for yourself!

     For a long time, my goal in life was to become a career meteorologist. My fascination with weather, specifically extreme weather, began at a very young age, as I am sure many of yours did as well. I joined the AccuWX forums in 2010, at the age of twelve, little more than a hobbyist. During my eight years on those boards, I had the pleasure of learning from a wide range of fellow members who ranged from hardcore nerds (you know who you are), to several professional meteorologists. When I say I learned a lot, I don't mean to speak to my benefit, but to theirs; especially for bearing with me during my true whippersnapper years. I ran a weather blog for a few years, I believe 2014-2015, although I can't say for sure. The blog reached something like 26,000 views, and at the time, was my proudest accomplishment. 

     During High School, my career plans became somewhat muddled (along with every other High Schooler that has ever lived), including contemplations of joining the military. That sort of panned out, as I did end up joining up with the US Air Force Auxiliary in early 2015, an organization that, among other tasks, focuses on Wilderness Search and Rescue. I attended the National Emergency Services Academy that summer and came out with the highest GSAR (Ground SAR) rating I could attain at the time, and found myself in love with emergency operations enough to join the local Fire Department that winter, and enroll in an EMT class roughly a year and a half later.

    That brings me to today, where I hold New York State certifications as a Firefighter I and Emergency Medical Technician (as well as a Connecticut EMT rating required for my job). I am currently in the final stages of an Advanced EMT class, and plan to go to Paramedic school upstate next year. Although meteorology might no longer be my given choice of career, it is still a fascination and obsession, especially considering the inevitable intersection between my job and the weather. Boy, that got rambly. On to the good stuff!

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