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Spring Fever Spreading

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WX Disco Off season

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I guess any time of year is of season when its not Winter so here are the plans during the rest of the Spring and Summer.

Been working my ass of on my various software projects last couple weeks and one in particular will be used here. The weather dashboard will be the all encompassing weather data feed for WX Disco. What this brings is the ability for me to add real time weather data to the site. From current conditions, radars, maps and charts, as well as a NWS products (Watches/warnings) notification system. Members will have their own dashboard with all the current conditions but wait there is more. Everything you go to other sites for will all be here in one place, thats nice.

For those who use premium services like Accu Pro and others we will have all the models and data they provide here for free for all members. I am already working with several APIs such as Dark Sky and OpenWeatherMap to see which is easier to work with and which gives us the best feed. These are premium services that will be paid from the donation pool.

What I hope to have:

  • Real time model runs including ECMWF Suite
  • Advanced Radars
  • Long Range forecasts and outlooks
  • Whatever you get with a premium account we will try and have here

In addition there will be a @wxdisco.com secure email account available for all members. You can login and check your WX Disco mail here as well. 100% TLS secure and spam free email suitable for the most precious of accounts.

The entire scheme will coincide with the new dashboard theme I am creating, which is why I haven't updated the sites software yet because compatibility concerns with the current theme. Once I have a solid base I can begin the upgrades which will be massive. There are a few things I will need to purchase like software, the premium API, and various modules/plug ins to bring it all together as well as the current server(s) and software licensing. We may need to upgrade the server with the new services or I may just get a bunch of servers for all my projects and create a Open Stack cloud, still waiting to see whats more economical and easier to work with. So in order to accomplish this I am also changing the way donations and support are given. Since I consider this site to be a development project, which it really is, I have moved all of my sites and projects to a simpler and easier support system. Under the devCU Open Source projects, which this is, we will be using Patreon. Members can become a Patron of WX Disco by supporting the site on a monthly basis. No need to give $20, $50, $100, a simple $2, $5, or $10 a month will be a better way as it will support all these plans monthly. Patrons will also have a few special perks as well as a free WX Disco Tee when I get them made later this Spring.

So the bottom line is the site you see today is not the site you will see a couple months from now. When you log in you will be presented with your homepage weather dashboard with all your current conditions and information. So far the plans are going smoothly, although its allot of work for one person, I am happy to do it for the WX Disco membership

More details and some screens and demos to come when ready.


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We want your feedback, ideas and suggestions.



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I've added a topic on weather sites to offer feedback and reviews of them.  


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After lots of analyses and thought I have decided on Color Admin. Has the most features as well as the structure that will make it easier for me to implement. This does not mean we cant use features from the other themes and it also doesn't mean that the site will look like the demo. It is a demo and will be customized to the max for our site. I have one project due for Beta release this weekend and after that I will start on the new layout. It will not effect the current site as it will be on the development side of things but I will be able to share screens and info as I go along. So next week begins the first step in the sites transformation into a one of kind hi-tech social weather community. At this time will also be upgrading to IPS 4.4.3 which may have some side effects on th current theme but shouldn't be too bad. Anything that needs tweaking will get tweaked until the new site is ready later this Spring/early Summer hopefully.

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