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Privacy Policy

WX Disco Privacy Policy

Not going to bore you with a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that no one reads and basically violates your privacy in the small print anyway.

Your privacy and security are most important to WX Disco. We do not collect or sell any data that you provide. We do our best to secure our server and site against those who would try to collect such data. The site is run and operated by its members who also support its operation financially. WX Disco is a community of weather enthusiasts chatting about the weather in an open social environment. We guarantee this site is 100% clean of anything that would threaten ones personal privacy and/or security.

WX Disco is a privately run site with no financial help from 3rd party sources.

  • We do not advertise or market any data
  • We do not collect or sell analytics
  • We do not collect or sell any personal data your provide
  • Our code is spic and span clean with only what is needed to run the site
  • There is 0 financial gain running this site
  • This site is member run, operated, and supported financially.

Your ad blocker and filtering agents (IE Ghostery) will find nothing here because there is nothing to find.

  • If you should every see a warning in your filtering agents contact us immediately.
  • If you feel there is a security or privacy issue contact us immediately.