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Storms R’ US

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  1. Need a bigger boat. Eastern PA and NJ will get slammed with much rain
  2. Those winds even would be horrific along Delaware,NJ ,MD and other beaches. The warmth that thing is bringing even to the NE. Wow
  3. Remember they stated fv3 has a cold bias so it wouldn’t be going operational anytime soon.
  4. None event system goes out to sea. The next two are strong storms. The first strong one brings rain to mid Atlantic and NE.
  5. My weather shows winter mix Friday for Woodside Delaware and where I work ft Meade Maryland. Warm weekend with rain Sunday both places. Finally 50s showing up. Maybe northern mid Atlantic ad NE will get more. The long range forecast has snow for the farm by Eagles Mere PA Friday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday but even then temperatures are finally upper 30s and 40s by end of next week.
  6. Yeah, here in Kent county Delaware don’t need another 2” or more of rain. Make it stop already.
  7. How did you do? I got some really blowing winds with heavy rain, received between 1”-1 1/2” rain. We don’t need any more precipitation.
  8. Yeah I saw that strong storm which maybe the patern change. After that there looks like about a bunch of rain events. thos SREFs for this past storm didn’t do to bad as guidance. Saw NBC10 this morning going over totals, not as big as some were saying. A very nice storm for parts of northern mid Atlantic and NE.
  9. Woodside Delaware Some heavy rain just came and the sump pump going off.
  10. I’m waiting to hear totals and see how close they were to SREFs, forecasts and snow maps.
  11. Current storm looked like that far out and changed. But like someone stated we have cold coming in place but will DCA- BWI get lucky?
  12. What did you receive before rain? Dusting
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