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    Winter weather, golf, ATV’s, my family
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    Is 2ft+ of snow too much to ask for ?

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  1. Be careful tonight. Very strong winds are forecasted and with the heavy snow on the trees I wouldn’t be surprised to be power outages and downed trees
  2. Only about 3” here in the lower elevations. But the higher elevations of Nepa got smoked. I saw some reports near 10”. Morning travel was a mess. Schools are closed
  3. So my wife asked me a very tough question the other day..... she asked, if you could choose for only one event to happen, which would it be? a.) tiger wins the masters b.) duke wins the national championship c.) we get another 1993 superstorm now, I pondered this for a long long time.......but I chose option A.
  4. 1040 high where are youuuu?????
  5. I just had to get that one last zinger off my chest. This winter has done a better job of trolling than I do. Touché 2018-2019
  6. So we finally get a bombogensis 970mb-ish low inside the benchmark w a near perfect track and it’s almost April and warm....haha. Thanks winter of 2018-2019.....way to troll us time and time again.
  7. Well folks, it’s been real. I know it has been a rough season with the only substantial snowstorm up in these parts coming in November. Im a seasonal guy, so with that being said I hope y’all have a great summer. I’ll be back in the fall when the first storm looms.
  8. If only the navy 00z was right. Sub 976mb low right off the Atlantic City coastline would be a NEPA white dream
  9. The farmers almanac is also in our side. However, it also predicted a very cold and snowy winter.......
  10. Thanks. The 6z is wide right, but 00z was an absolute monster
  11. Do u have the website link from where you got these
  12. Hard to take anything the euro spits out seriously. Wide right one run, hugs coast the next, now it’s over Bermuda. Get a life euro
  13. I just watched JB’s video. We just got jinxed....lol it’s over. The JB jinx is alive and well
  14. I’ve seen crazy things happen in weather this year, but a 1000 mile shift at a 8-9 day lead time is not one of them......there’s always a chance but it’s more like dumb and dumbers one in a million talk
  15. It’s looking that way. Cranky tends to agree w that idea as well
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