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  1. just showers last night and sunny and warm today imby
  2. I don't think it will snow with 45 deg temps according to nbc30
  3. unless the temps drop looking like rain in ct .looks like it will brush ct but anything can happen mid 40s to mid 50s imby
  4. cant call it a dusting but slushy then all rain today sunny and warm imby
  5. Thought I would post a few weather sights for u nothing about any snow storm thought I would help you out a bit here but if you want to call a chance of flurries a snow storm wow ok like I was saying for ct but you seam it will be colder south of ct now that would be a story in its self
  6. my post says for ct 8/9 is in the forecast the posts says winter storm for 8/9 when I posted looks like rain for me I did not say 10th this is about 8/9 and my forecast says 37 /43 10 % chance . so you don't know what your talking about when you say 10th .who said anything about the 10th not me again IMBY its says 37/43 10% chance and that is 8/9 so must be a big storm when there is a 90% chance is doesn't happen and who is raining on anyone parade I was just posting for ct not long island you came on and said I was wrong its going to snow as far as I know long island is not part of ct
  7. looks like a rain storm for ct temps in 40s
  8. Nice little thump 65AF17A8-BE3C-4FCA-8621-DDB05A337CCA.MOV
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