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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. NWsnowhio

    March 28th - 31st | Heavy Rain (& Snow?) Threat

    Pretty much wrapped up here but ended up with a quick 1.5 - 2”. Not bad considering I thought the models were a joke yesterday afternoon when I hopped on here. A nice last hurrah...bring on spring for good now.
  2. NWsnowhio

    March 28th - 31st | Heavy Rain (& Snow?) Threat

    So hard to capture big fast snowflakes on video, let alone in the dark....but had to get a quick clip that turned out pretty well. DD837294-F80C-41C1-9D89-07866601C054.MOV
  3. NWsnowhio

    March 28th - 31st | Heavy Rain (& Snow?) Threat

    It may not last much longer, but this has been surprisingly fun for me. Currently witnessing the largest snowflakes I think I’ve ever seen. Looks like golf balls falling out of the sky. Have accrued 1” in about 65 minutes.
  4. NWsnowhio

    March 28th - 31st | Heavy Rain (& Snow?) Threat

    That explains the crazy quick piling of snow here. Didn’t hear the thunder, but seeing the quick rates. I’m at the red X.
  5. NWsnowhio

    March 28th - 31st | Heavy Rain (& Snow?) Threat

    Color me impressed...Half hour since changeover and ground is white and big ole flakes continue piling. Didn’t think it would stick this fast.
  6. NWsnowhio

    March 28th - 31st | Heavy Rain (& Snow?) Threat

    Just switched over to those big ole sloppy flakes that drop like rocks about 10 minutes ago here. Will be interesting to see what will stick.
  7. NWsnowhio

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    ~1” here. Enough to whiten it up without causing any headaches. Also noticed the sun peek out a bit and not take much of it to start some melt. Once the sun starts doing that with little problem, I say bring on spring. Was good to see a bit more snow this winter compared to the last few and to actually use the snow blower once or twice. Was in Orlando for work for 36 hours this week. Once I got a taste of some Vitamin C and some humidity again, I was officially ready for it to come north...not without a few storms to usher it in soon though!
  8. NWsnowhio

    February 19-21 Winter Storm

    Peeked out the window at 4:15 to nothing happening in Findlay. Woke up at 7 to 2 quick-hitting inches. Just enough at the wrong time to delay and shut down schools for the kids and my teacher wife for what seems like the zillionth time in the past month.
  9. NWsnowhio

    February 11-13th Winter Storm OBS

    Some smaller limbs are down in the Findlay area, but nothing major. My birch trees lost quite a few small limbs but that’s not surprising...those trees are the bane of my existence. I swear every time a butterfly farts we lose branches in those things! I get what you’re saying about large branches crashing down. Was in a terrible ice storm in the late 2000s when I lived in Marysville. About an inch of ice in that one. Electric went out late that night, transformers flashing and that eerie sound of gigantic branches breaking and then crashing through the ice encrusted snow was terrifying. Sounds like a war going on when that starts happening. Even more so when electric is out in the middle of the night and there are no other typical white noises insulating outdoor sounds. Hopefully folks can avoid that kind of mess!
  10. NWsnowhio

    February 11-13th Winter Storm OBS

    Still 32 degrees with 0.25” rainfall according to my backyard weather station about 3 miles NW of Findlay. Temps have been much more stubborn to move here than forecasted. WWA was extended from midnight to 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. Although now technically “expired”, that slow moving temp gonna keep it slick around here for a bit longer. Just glad I’m not about 40 miles north of here where Toledo is still icing.
  11. NWsnowhio

    January 31st - February 1st Clipper

    2.25" in Findlay. Enough to keep the schools shut down and the wife and kids home again.
  12. NWsnowhio

    January 31st - February 1st Clipper

    Here’s what Toledo mets are calling for at this point. Seems about right. This would probably be enough, with the timing and cold, to keep the wife and kids at home from school for the third straight day to end the week.
  13. NWsnowhio

    January 20 - February 1 Arctic Cold

    Coolin off a bit.
  14. NWsnowhio

    January 20 - February 1 Arctic Cold

    Officially a 1-degree high here at 12:06 a.m. according to my weather station. Currently -8 with -33 wind chill. Maybe the high will stay below zero tomorrow. While “official” records don’t indicate it, I distinctly recall having a -51 wind chill during the polar vortex blast in early January 2014 the day after an 8” snowfall. I even took a screenshot of it for posterity, which has since disappeared however. I recall ice forming on the inside of the garage door and inside of the garage access door as well. Certainly had a “Day After Tomorrow” feel to it, like the ice was slowly creeping in on us. Not sure if we are going to get that or not this time...but it seems that the fresh, deep snow cover made a big difference that day.