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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. Quit posting pics of Ann Coulter on here! ...showing myself out.
  2. Ahhh, so this could bode well for our March and April snowstorms??
  3. I'd be happy with a SECS at this point!!! I'm sorry, someone had to say it.
  4. Well, 2 of those threads are past storms, just some obs posts in those threads atm. And then there were 3....all legitimate systems, is that correct? If someone DIDN'T start a thread for every system, people would piss and moan about that, too. It's a messed up season, not anyone's fault, except for Ma Nature, and you know what they say about her!!
  5. lynniethelurker

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    I watched our local weather at noon, and they were issuing squall warnings for the afternoon. The winds really picked up, had a few light squalls come through. I wasn't planning on going out in that, but my chickadees were not having anything to do with the "cheap" birdfood we got in an emergency situation. Had to run to the local feed store for some "Chickadee's Choice"....they'd better appreciate it!!!
  6. lynniethelurker

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Whoa!! What's up with these wind gusts all of a sudden??
  7. These systems have been fun to track, if you ask me! Well, actually, fun to FOLLOW, because I don't do the tracking, just the following! Thankful for all of you who keep learners and lurkers up to date on possible future storms, whether they pan out or not. If you truly love following the weather, then the past year should have been exciting for you!!! We've had some very strange and unusual weather events since last spring, so just try to enjoy the ride, and not focus too much on your imby snow wishes. Sorry, ot, but that's how I look at it!!
  8. lynniethelurker

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    My cat couldn't wait to get out on the screen porch this morning. We stepped out, and the sounds were the first thing we noticed....thumping and thwacking from clumps of yesterday's slop falling heavily from the trees. Ziggy was not as impressed as I was, and high-tailed it back into the house, pronto! Had a few flurries here this am, just a little bit ago. Clouding up again.
  9. lynniethelurker

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    It sucks when you can't even nowcast accurately. Back to sleet, a little snow mixed in, and I GUESS some rain/freezing rain. Temps hovering around 32, so back and forth we go.
  10. lynniethelurker

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Looks like we are just now going above freezing...siding on our house facing ese is covered in a layer of ice, but now seems to be melting. It's been raining here for well over an hour, freezing on the surface, but I believe we're heading into just plain rain for the duration. It's a slippery, sloppy mess out there!
  11. lynniethelurker

    February 10-11, 2019 | Winter Storm

    We had a brief break a few hours ago, but now very light snow has started again. It's been snowing lightly since last night, but just an 1.5" accumulation. Not sure if this is technically part 2 starting here, or leftovers from part 1, although it all seems to be connected?
  12. lynniethelurker

    February 10-11, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Light snow here atm, deck is covered but not the road as yet.
  13. lynniethelurker

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    I crack a mean whip.
  14. lynniethelurker

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Can I moderate that group? Pretty please???
  15. 64 here yesterday. There are flies buzzing about. How did they survive that cold spell? I fear it's going to be a nasty season for blood suckers, and insects in general. Seems like what used to be warm-weather bugs survive year-round now. Great!