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  1. Ahhh, summertime! Heading to the greenhouse, windows open, wind whipping my hair, driving the back roads and singing along to the radio. It's hot, mid-80's, but dp is ONLY 64 so that's fine by me. There's a nice breeze, kinda cloudy. And best of all, there is not a speck of green anywhere close to me on the radar!!! Jeezum...turned the a/c on last night to sleep for the first time this year (don't like sleeping in a/c), and missed the storm that came through overnight. My neighbor said it poured, then thunder and lightning. See? Damn a/c!!
  2. We haven't hit 90 so far this year either. Normally, we would have had a few by now. However, the humidity was just awful last week. I would prefer 90 and low humidity rather than 80 and soup.
  3. Not a bad summer day here today...sunny, temp 81, dp 64, humidity 57%. I guess more rain is on the way later, so the nice dry stretch ends now. Speaking of things growing, my perennials are HUGE this year!! Great big leaves on almost everything...larger than normal. The leaves on my clematis vines are the size of philodendron leaves, you can almost watch 'em grow!!
  4. Absolutely spectacular weather here the past 2 days, looking good for today as well! I've been taking advantage of this brief spell of nice weather, outside most of the day and don't come in until after dark. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and the beautiful day! Sunny skies, temp 78, dp 54, humidity 44%!!!
  5. Took these a bit ago, looking SSW from here in NW Lancaster County. The 2nd is a close-up of that funky little area in the bottom center of the 1st photo. We just had another downpour...getting kinda comical now. Not really...
  6. And, just like that, the blue skies are gone...big gray clouds filling in from the west. I knew Ma was just messing with me!
  7. That line passed through here about 2 hours ago. Dp at the time was 75.3, temp 79, humidity 90%. Heavy rain when the line came through, but didn't hear any thunder. 1.28" in the gauge, but it may have rained a little overnight. The sky has cleared, breezy, temp 78, but dp STILL high at 73.6, 85% humidity! Ma Nature is toying with me now, it looks like a change has already come, but I don't know if I can trust her. Bonus! Some pretty neat clouds are moving west to east, to my south!
  8. Hey @so_whats_happening! Good to hear from you!
  9. Just got chased out of the pool...I stayed in when it started raining, but the first clap of thunder had me high tailing it out of there!
  10. We had a brief shower a bit ago, but didn't add to the .20" we must have gotten overnight? Temp is 79, dp 73, humidity 82%, sun is out now after the rain. A breeze is blowing from time to time, which helps to break up the stagnant air that seems to be in place most of the day, and night. Really anxious for this pattern to change.
  11. Had to come in to cool off, brutally humid. I would be curious about the ratio of clouds to sun over the past year or so. There have been very few cloudless days, that much I know. It's a rare and beautiful thing to see a completely blue sky for an entire day. Back to the jungle of clematis vines, which are growing at an extraordinarily fast rate! They're so long I have to wrap them around me and then try to pull...I am going to get strangled by my own plants!! I seriously hope no one is watching this fiasco!
  12. I checked the radar and it looked all clear for the next several hours, so I just finished mowing. Heading back out to prune, weed, hopefully get a swim in. The sun is blazing hot when it comes out, temp is 80 now, dp down a bit at 70, humidity 72%. Trying to do a week's worth of yardwork in a few hours is making me crazy, I'm like the worst case of ADD out there right now!!
  13. Not raining right now, temp is 75, dp 72, humidity 90%. I just went outside and took some "wet pics"...you can see the water droplets hanging from the Hollywood Juniper. Everything is wet, has been since Sunday. The sun was peaking out a little and you could feel the steam starting immediately. If we get any sunshine today, we are gonna be RIPE for some nasty stuff!
  14. It just stopped raining, been at it for over an hour. Nothing heavy, but it's at least the 4th time it's rained since midnight, but only .1" for the "event ". You can't do anything outside though because everything is soaked. Temp currently 75, dp 71. The air is heavy to breathe, I guess like it would be in a rain forest.
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