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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. lynniethelurker

    Lyrid meteor shower

    That's a fantastic video, @Cignus!!
  2. Lol! Took my first peek under the cover this weekend! I start getting really antsy in April, especially when it's almost 80 and humid!!! Crash landing today...it's officially cold now at 48 and windy as crap.
  3. Went to bed around 1am, was woken up precisely at 2am with wicked winds and rain. Got up, closed the window, looked out a few more windows, went back to bed. Very windy and "cold" today. Well, tbh, it's 52, but it feels like winter again. Went from 70's and muggy, almost turned the a/c on yesterday, to thinking there should be a wind chill reading this morning.
  4. It's downright balmy outside tonight! It feels like a summer night at the shore...breeze out of the south, temp 69, dew 65. Awaiting round 2 of storms, high winds in a few hours. Radar looks interesting.
  5. Local mets on, interrupting regular broadcast. Tornado across the Susquehanna in southern York County. Not verified on the ground...radar verified according to WGAL. Rotation headed ne crossing over I83 near Loganville.
  6. Been cloudy and muggy here all day. Current temp 69, dew 65. Looks like we'll get some rain shortly, then the strong line of storms supposedly coming through later tonight. The sky is getting darker by the minute now.
  7. Ugh! I'm right under that ne point of the enhanced area. We've had juicy air the past few days...dew was up to 60 yesterday morning, and temps were in the mid-70's in the afternoon. My pws monitor is downstairs and I haven't checked it today, but I will be keeping a close eye on the sky today, for sure! May have to batten down the hatches later on!!!
  8. TWC is showing video from that area right now. Everything is black, you can't see a thing. I can't imagine how terrifying that must be for the people there. The sky in that Reed Timmer vid is just amazing though. Just insane.
  9. lynniethelurker

    April 5-6, 2019 | Front-End Slopfest

    Cold rain here all afternoon, temps in lower 40's, now down to 38. I think some snow or sleet was mixing in a bit ago. Looking forward to warm temps and sunshine tomorrow! I am officially over winter...time for gardening, swimming, baseball...let the summer fun begin!!!!
  10. Thank you! Appreciate the very thorough, yet understandable, explanation.
  11. Is that an eye forming?
  12. Ok, so red circle is the center of the low/circulation, and the blue line is the appendage, which is cold air being drawn into the low? Am I at least close??? Remember, I am learning.
  13. What's that weird appendage coming off the se area of the storm?
  14. lynniethelurker

    Heavy Rain and Snow to close March

    We just had a shower here a bit ago. Now cloudy, wind shifting, temp dropping. Down to 49 now. Yesterday was absolutely splendid!