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  1. "Men are four times as likely to be struck". Why is that, do you think?
  2. HA! That's like me going out to start my lawnmower in the middle of January!!
  3. @RobBucksPA, they have a forum...$50/year! I'm not gonna join, but I'd be curious as to what goes on there. Raining now.
  4. Haven't been down in years. The reason I loved it so much was the peace and solitude, compared to Jersey beaches, which were blanket to blanket..UGH! The drive to OBX is long from here, for sure. I always tried to go in September or October, much less traffic and not crowded.
  5. It's pretty scary being in the OBX during bad storms. You feel so vulnerable on that little spit of land, although there is no place I'd rather be, love it down there!! Seriously considered moving there years ago, but have changed my mind recently due to the fact that it already feels like the tropics in SE PA!!!
  6. Local mets saying Sunday, Monday, Tuesday topping 90, with high humidity. It's been tropical all summer, it seems.
  7. @RobBucksPA, my thinking is, and perhaps the nws's reason for over-hyping forecasts (skewed as it may be), is that OVER-HYPING never cost a life, whereas UNDER-HYPING has cost lives. I know, Peter and the Wolf, it's a definite issue, and that's where the fine line comes into play. I don't think it's an easy call to make for mets, and I imagine there have been many, many arguments amongst them when issuing an important forecast. How would you feel as a met, if you had the ability to warn folks of a possible life-threatening weather event but backed off, because you didn't want old people to cancel appointments, and the weather DID pan out, and said elderly person went to the doctor's appointment and got swept away in flash flood waters? I know personally, I would not be sleeping well for quite some time.
  8. I'm just going to reply to @RobBucksPA's comments here, since he posted his thoughts in this thread. I carefully read, and now reread, the posts, because I was intrigued as always by his writing, but was somewhat confused by the message. I hesitated responding, because I sure as s don't want to get into a climate discussion here, or have anyone misconstrue what I'm trying to say and accuse me of disparaging any group of people. I feel much of the misinformation that is distributed these days is due to premature dispensing of "news" of ANY sort, because we now live in a world where many people expect a constant barrage of media alerts 24/7. News outlets, be they weather, sports, politics, want /NEED to be first with "Breaking News"...doesn't matter if it's fake news or not, whether it can be verified or not, just that they broke it. Again, without being political at all, greed is the driving factor...more clicks, retweets, shares, means more $$$ for someone, including sites like AW now. As far as Rob's questioning the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the NWS's forecasts, I get that, to a certain extent. But it's kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation, IMO only! How many times have they been berated for both underplaying AND overplaying a weather forecast? It's a fine line, a blurred line...these days people see a "warning" or "alert', and that's all they see. It's too much ag to actually do a radar search, or to follow a local forecast in real time. I would probably be more in sync with Rob's way of thinking a year ago, but having experienced TWO separate excessive rainfall events here last summer, both over 7" in less than 24 hours, I'm a little more apt to forgive the mets for "blown" forecasts. We had heavy rain forecast for those events, but no where NEAR what we actually received was mentioned. In circumstances like that, while they are relying on models for forecasting, I don't believe the models can handle those kinds of anomalies, which there seem to be more of in recent years. You know I'm just an amateur here, and I tend to oversimplify things, but I kinda feel like we might need to rely on now-casting more. I don't follow the models all that closely, but it just seems that trying to predict amounts/types/location of precip more than 24 hours out has become a bit of a bug-a-boo. That's all I wanted to say...I always enjoy Rob's posts, he gets me thinking. Which may, or may NOT be a good thing?!? Oh, just one other thought...we are all weather geeks here, let's face it. MOST OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ARE NOT!!! They get their weather info from some unknown phone app, and believe whatever they see on there. I can't say how many times someone has looked at their phone and said, "Oh, it's going to get cold next week!" NOOO!!! No it's NOT! So you also have the instant gratification expectations to deal with if you are a legitimate weather outlet.
  9. We got some pretty decent rainfall late last night and this morning. Dews back up above 70 again.
  10. Ahhh...getting a nice little shower. The air is so heavy here today, I kept looking at the pool surface to see if it was raining. Finally started. Despite the humidity and warm temps, it's beginning to look and feel like the end of summer. Leaves are falling, some flowers are struggling to keep their blooms, getting dark early. I still feel like I have to go back to school in a few weeks, that always made me sad, the thought of going from being outdoors all day to being cooped up in a classroom.
  11. So far just a muggy, cloudy day here, with a few drops of rain. Temp 77, dp 70, humidity 78%. It's hard to tell, looking at the radar, whether we'll get any measurable rain or not.
  12. Thank you for the update, Steve. Thinking of you both...hang in there, and post here as you can. Hoping for good news on the biopsies. Lynnie
  13. WOW!!! Now this is what I'm talking about!! What a beautiful summer day! I'm heading outside, gardens need tending both here and at the EP Historical Society house, so I'll check back in later...MUCH later!!
  14. I can't believe the size of those hailstones! The crop damage, jeez...
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