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  1. I think it's because it doesn't have as good a read on the cold air. It has been putting out comparable qpf the past runs, but the 3-4 hours it has as rain so the snow map is affected... snow maps *sigh*
  2. Noticed the same thing for my region in SEPA
  3. I should clarify that, the low is incredibly at an almost identical location
  4. Incredibly almost identical to yesterday's 12z run
  5. Looking at the 12z Euro, seems that the space between this storm and its precursor coastal have been marginally increasing over the past 4 runs
  6. Long range NAM also is the one that keyed in on the 3/1-2 system so it can't just be thrown out for that distinction
  7. For being a precursor to "the main show", it certainly has quite a few intriguing aspect to it
  8. Does it develop the coastal to bring a little more snow to the region Sat AM like the NAM does?
  9. what does it mean??? I know I'm missing something...
  10. For the most part, we weather nuts are nothing if not a hopeful bunch (at least as much as one can be after this winter )
  11. This narrative of this winter or the narrative of this synoptic setup? (I would argue for the former, not the latter)
  12. FV3 fwiw. Further north, somewhat between the 12z GFS and Euro from last night
  13. Three distinct low centers at the end of NAM 18z just ahead of this storm's time frame... oh boy
  14. I appreciate you providing us at least some version of the Clapper Tracker
  15. This is the furthest SE the GFS has come in so far for this storm, probably moving toward the middle with other model guidance
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