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  1. The wife using the snowblower after a quick tutorial from me on my crutches. God bless.
  2. I guess that’s about 10” or so
  3. Very fine flurries in Denville, NJ - 38 degrees.
  4. Should be fun to watch. Post broken ankle/ surgery of about 11 days and I will be watching from the couch (as if I can do much else) =)
  5. I guess quite lenient! Facepalm
  6. Winter storm watch and 2” of snow just do not belong in the same advisory. What is this world coming to.
  7. Wasn't that storm over-performing from the onset though? Adjustments should have been made. Either way, Murphy is out of control with these SOE.
  8. Will be interested to see how this pans out - 21 degrees and sleet currently.
  9. Do you think we ever change to plain rain?
  10. Pretty wild as it’s sleet here 50 miles north of you and 850’ in elevation. Stupid winter.
  11. Hi KP - what could be the implications of this?
  12. Amazing how off they were. What a joke.
  13. WSW started at midnight. 7+ hours later no sign of anything. Yes I know it’s coming to a certain extent but my goodness not even close NWS.
  14. "Upgraded" to WSW in Morris County - hopefully we can do a little better than last WSW which if I remember correctly sunscreen was more useful than a snow shovel.
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