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  1. Went from models showing nothing this morning to a nice 3-5 inch snow. I’m interested to see what the Mets say our official total is. Incredibly hard to measure I’ve got foot deep drifts! Power has been flickering. All stay safe tonight and good luck! I hope someone on the forum gets some thunder snow!
  2. I have fortunately been caught in a heavier band for quite some time. 2-3 inches I’d say but impossible to measure for sure. Wind gust measured at 38 mph about 5 miles from my location. This is quite the little treat!
  3. Heavy snow falling here. Roads getting slick in a hurry
  4. Changeover to snow has happened in Terre Haute, IN
  5. I don’t like to avoid big snows, but when I do I like to be too far south for the front end snows and too far north of the deformation band. What a sad place to be.
  6. To me, I think they are smart holding off it appears to be a very difficult forecast. I think they go Winter storm warning in place of watch, after tonight’s 0z runs some counties might go blizzard warning. That’s my thoughts. I think we will see warnings between 2 and 3 today
  7. Being right where that little dot is, I really have no idea what to expect. Probably rain at first, but when it changes and how much is left to go will determine if I get 0” or 10”. Literally a toss up.
  8. This seems like the one solution that makes the most sense out of any lol
  9. Man these run to run variations are unreal...
  10. Where I sit this morning per the NAM , too far south to stay all snow, but too far north to be in the deformation band. I wouldn’t be concerned about those specifics right now other than west central IN has constantly had a hole and lack of snowfall with many runs. I’ll be rooting for a EURO Fv3 Blend! If only we had a DGEX clown map to make everyone in the forum feel like we’re all gonna get 500 inches.
  11. Over the last several years we’ve seen several storms look amazing then fall apart closer to the event, but on the same token we’ve seen some that had been completely lost reappear. Who knows what will happen here.
  12. If that GFS verifies a ton of forecasters might have hand foot and mouth disease from using their hands to stick their feet in their mouths...
  13. No official measurement but just looking out the window onto the porch it appears 4-5 inches have fallen, expecting another 3-6! Biggest snow in too long I can tell you that!
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