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  1. We stayed on the northern fringe of the stronger returns most of the night....accumulated much faster than I expected, even in the lighter returns we were getting moderate rates. Unfortunately we weren't in the heavy stuff for long before the back end closed rapidly. I measured 7 inches at around 10:00 last night, and I'll guesstimate another inch or two fell before midnight. Roads were already plowed before I got up at 6 to snow blow the driveway...looks like things compressed to about 5 or 6 inches or so by then.
  2. Pushing 6 inches and just now getting into some heavier stuff, Rittenhouse Gap, Berks PA
  3. Over 2" on the deck. Rittenhouse Gap, Berks PA... snowing hard.
  4. I live in the woods and am surrounded by 60-90 foot tall trees. My weather station is mounted on the roof of my garage, but I'm going to have to find a better solution for getting accurate wind measurements....and summer time temps too.
  5. I'm not sure how to officially measure ice accretion, but im eyeballing well over 0.10 here...I think. Edit: Almost all freezing rain with occasional IP.
  6. Steady moderate snow....eyeball says 1.5 inches here. Rittenhouse Gap, PA (SE Berks County)...about 1050 ft. Noticeably a little more up here than down the hill in Alburtis. Not sure it'll matter much in the end though.
  7. We still liking a subtle disturbance off the coast to enhance inland snow this afternoon?
  8. 1. 8 inches 2. Anything that keeps me at work past 1:00 3. A slow accumulation that keeps me at work past 1:00
  9. Rittenhouse Gap, PA - 1050 ft Temps crashed to 20 a few hours ago and have held steady since 7ish. It feels quiet outside. Clear sky. 59% humidity. I'm rooting for a quick thumping surprise or a complete bust, because otherwise it's a tricky call for me to pull our fleet off the roads. I had 9 trucks stranded in the November surprise.
  10. Cutting it close, but I think we barely stay snow for the thump. Rittenhouse Gap, SE Berks 1050 ft.
  11. Apologies ahead of time for the noobish question. With all the talk about potentially "historic/generational/biblical" icing...precip rate is pretty high for this storm, right? If the p-type is IP, it seems like there might be significant accumulation in some spots, but wouldn't necessarily stick to tree limbs and power lines..but roads would be awful. But, if p-type is ZR wouldn't the high rate of precipitation actually work against accretion on all surfaces? * Runs back to the shadow *
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