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  1. As much as I love snow, this is not what I wanted at the end of April. I'm trying to get my garden going!!
  2. Ugh another miss. If it’s not north, it’s south. Where’s the warm weather?
  3. Absolute perfect track for SEMI so I won’t hold my breath.
  4. I feel like this is a slim to none last chance for SEMI to get a WSW. After this, winter is pretty much over. This would be the first year in my life that I can remember where there was no WSW. Even the super warm 2012 winter had one.
  5. Got a surprise 6" in Royal Oak last night. That was some of the heaviest snow I have seen in a while.
  6. Snow came fast and heavy here. Got a solid 2” in just over an hour and still coming down.
  7. Nothing worse or more frustrating than freezing rain when it’s 28 degrees.
  8. With the crap we keep seeing, I’m ready for spring and gardening season!
  9. Well, finally got a winter storm watch here in SEMI, but more for ice than anything. We were sitting around 4-5" forecasted snow yesterday afternoon and it is now down to 1-2" followed by .3" of ice. Would rather this thing push north and just give all rain at this point since there's no such thing as snow or ice days where I work.
  10. Got a surprising quick 2-3” here in a matter of a couple hours. Pretty good since DTX was only forecasting about 1/2” for the night.
  11. Snow came fast and heavy around here and made everything white in a matter of minutes.
  12. Another storm in SEMI where Saginaw Valley gets 7-8” and a winter storm watch while the southern area gets 2-3” of snow followed by slop. Can’t remember the last time we went an entire season without a winter storm warning around here, but it’s getting to be a stronger chance it happens this year with each passing storm.
  13. Why can't we just hold on to snow pack for more than a week this winter?! Only need a 300 mile shift south
  14. Looks like there's a pretty good sized dry slot that's about to move into SEMI.
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