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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Guessing he needed to swap underwear after that one... Only one my local "major" road is still left partially closed due to washout, otherwise Manchester is out of the woods. If you've got an excavator and looking to make some money...lot of washed-out drives and minor backroads that are currently 4-wheel-only or closed at the moment. Another week...another crazy windstorm last night.
  2. Still lots of closures of the major corridors from this region as reported on New England 511 (most of the NH closures are seasonal closures)
  3. From WCAX.com From VTrans taken by a drone: Sounds like there maybe several local roads that will be closed for the indefinite future...figuring that will be statewide as well.
  4. Awaiting more news to trickle in, but the combination of snow melt and rain combined for some pretty severe flooding throughout the state. We were called in to rescue a family that was trapped in their house amid rising waters. Current road closures throughout the state posted by VTrans: Castleton VT-4A Castleton VT-30 Cuttingsville VT-103 Londonderry VT-11 Ludlow VT-103 Lyndon VT-122 Proctor VT-3 Rochester VT-100 South Royalton to Sharon Town Line VT-14 Rutland US-7 West Rutland US Bus 4 Tunbridge VT-110 Shrewsbury VT-103 Stockbridge VT-107 Weston VT-100 If you know Vermont, you know that many of these are the state's major thoroughfares
  5. 2 years old for the ‘82 storm so while I don’t remember it at all, see that there was a little lollipop over my home town in the 10-20” range on Long Island. Had some pea sized hail yesterday evening and some flurries this morning with frosted over mountains today. Crisp spring day...know i’ll miss it before long, but looking forward to getting back into the 60s.
  6. Lucked out here...sun broke out at about 10am and was a beautiful couple hours, spiking up into the low 50s as you can see on the map there...perfect to enjoy free cone day at Ben & Jerry's. Cloud deck was rolling over the mountains..just the mountains and were really spectacularly beautiful...had a weird, mystical surreal feel about them. Must have had to do with the rapidly warming valley and cold air aloft in the mountains...you can see that "clouds edge" line of the low level clouds forming a line up the Green Mountains in the GOES satellite image Strech posted. Was an active line right on the top of the escarpment zone of the mountains.
  7. It’s pronounced snalbins...and yeah, my backyard is at 1/3 of the snowfall just 6 miles to my east (61” vs 178”)...how it is with the Green Mtn wall.
  8. Boy did I misjudge the weather today...took the dog for a walk this morning and it was 49F outside...thinking it was going to be a warm & wet day imby, wore my flip flops to work with a sweatshirt. Currently 38F outside and waiting to see some frozen to start mixing in since the mountains are now whited out.
  9. Maybe they were mourning the loss of the DGEX?
  10. Temp continues to drop here...down to 40F @Wayuphere guessing frozen should well be mixing in along the spine of the Greens to my west. Not sure where you're route will take you, but yeah, think there may be some tricky spots. Safe travels.
  11. Remember going for a backcountry ski in '00-'01 in Grafton Notch (maybe Old Speck?) and we were planning on going up the Appalachian Trail...not thinking about the fact that the trail markers could get buried....they were gone. Was one of my first real "orienteering" adventures. So much snow that winter.... Anyway, temps been steadily dropping since about 3am...down to about 44F imby with some light drizzle going.
  12. telejunkie

    April 5-6, 2019 | Front-End Slopfest

    Ooooh...the dreaded "3-5 day out bullseye." You just totally jinxed yourself mainiac....model gods don't like it when folks boast about their chickens...................oh wait... Will be interested to see where this winter lands in the Caribou history books...
  13. telejunkie

    April 5-6, 2019 | Front-End Slopfest

    Got an inch down before the changeover to rain last night. Just like many others have said, was suppose to be pure liquid here according to NWS. NAM was especially warm until almost go-time. Still have a solid coating this morning...
  14. telejunkie

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Big Jay looking good! Was close to heading up to Jay this weekend actually...
  15. telejunkie

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    While this was a winter to forget for many on this forum...definitely one for record books for other (most notably for Alaska). Still time for a late spike, but max snow depth for the winter of '18-'19 atop Mount Mansfield in Vermont is ranked #4 since records started in 1954. Depth peaked at about 124" on March 14th and has dropped slightly since. Top 3 are 1) '68-'69, 2) '95-'96 3) '00-'01 Source Not a great one here in southern VT as you can see in my signature, but still decent. November will be the month that I will remember.