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  1. On a not so great note...it was 69F out there on my ride into work but felt like 85F. It's going to be a shock to my system when it's actually 85F. Heading down to Providence, RI for the next couple days and looking to at upper 80s to maybe 90F. Need to acclimate quickly...summer is here!
  2. June 25...putting window fans in bedroom windows. No official record, but feel pretty confident this is the latest date to pop them in since I moved to my current house in 2011 (had ceiling fans at last house)
  3. Well while some of us enjoy our first real extended bout of "summer"...sounds parts of like the Rockies are still in winter.... https://fox8.com/2019/06/23/colorado-got-almost-2-feet-of-snow-on-the-first-day-of-summer/ For our neck...June seems to want to finish off with a pretty potent trough driving south out of Canada....
  4. had to take a rain check on Saturday for a ride because of the thunderstorms that rolled through, but got out on Sunday and it was a beautiful one. Also stained the back porch, mowed the lawn and got the last potatoes planted in the garden...and got the first harvest of garlic scapes. Had ice cube's good day going in the back of my mind for most of it... Hope everyone got out to enjoy!
  5. will be amused if I end up with more rain today than this past week...wouldn’t require much. Decent storm overhead with small hail
  6. still not at a 0.1" for the day and tonight's rain is iffy at best as guidance looks like it keeps precip to the south...glad I watered the garden. Just toned out for tree down on wires.......don't know how you linemen do this...
  7. Wow...looks like I'm off to water the garden having missed all of today's precip. Hoping to still get something tonight....that's when mby was most likely to get the rain but lots of flash flooding just a few towns to my north and I'm gonna be watering...
  8. I’m not seeing what you’re seeing Bobbo...ensembles showing some height rise, but nothing in the way of a sustained SW flow that would spell out the 3 H’s.
  9. Might speedo's be in order if "it" were to come to fruition?
  10. I always taught my kids if you’re on wheels, you stay to the right....otherwise, you stay to the left side. Skateboarding and roller skates/blades being the gray area. Shouldn’t DOT cover this?
  11. Bored at work...just tallied up June rainfall total. Looks like sitting at 2.6" in the gauge. Temperatures...had seen 4 days so far at 80F or higher for the month. May 19th and June 9th are the only day so far this year we've hit 85F or above and no 90F readings yet with a grand total of 6 days above 80F for the year. For comparison's sake, May 2018 had 9 days above 80F with 4 days above 85F. Average temperature for June 2019 is not too surprisingly slightly lower than May 2018. April 2017 had 4 days at 80F and 2017 as a whole had by now had 3 days above 90F. And 2016...well I can't count that high to count the number of 80F by this date...
  12. Yeah on the flip side Father's Day....not so nice here. Hope you got some quality time on the lawn couch to enjoy! @Philly_Weather1 swear that mby sat right under the front this entire winter...north of it all-snow, south of it all-rain.
  13. North of the stationary front there is a nice late spring airmass. Picked up about 1/2" of rain yesterday according to rain gauge which was beneficial. Currently 74F out there with a DP at 56F
  14. Hoping for some rain tonight...soil is drying out in a hurry here and lawn was starting to show some brown today. Sure there has been a lot of cool-ish gray lately, but not a whole lot of actually precip in these parts, could use an actual soaker of a rain.
  15. Currently 56F according to the thermometer and 61F inside the house. The highest temperature for the last two days is 63F according to the neighbor's PWS. I know the lady friend is gonna want a fire in the wood stove...but I just gave it a thorough clean out two weeks ago. Isn't summer solstice suppose to be next week??
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