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  1. Giddiup...Lotta rumbles off to the west. Just got a warning...
  2. Well ya got me beat...barely hit the 0.1" mark but not sure what NWS was forecasting for mby. After the end of week and weekends bouts of showers though, grounds not feeling dry any longer though, so not disappointed. Just gonna enjoy the weather the next couple of days before heights begin to build next week. Thinking by end of next week, we're back in the sauce...
  3. Luckily for me...neighbors in these parts generally just burn their trash so they don't have to pay for disposal...
  4. Hit 82F seemingly as our high temp today and it has since backed off that temp....so halted our "not reaching 80F" at a three day streak, with a 78F, 73F, and 77F those three days. What's better was the sunshine and low DP that came with it...usually this time of year if it's that cool, it comes with muggy, rainy conditions. Air temp bottomed out at 50F on Saturday night...which wasn't as cool as expected. Checking on a local PWS not too far from where we stayed, it looks like temps Saturday night were a bit warmer up at elevation.
  5. Need to go take a nap, but perfect temps for hiking and camping this weekend, unfortunately got doused by a couple good bursts of rain....nothing bone soaking, but enough to feel bogged down. Did capture a glimpse of this full 180 arcing double rainbow (photo barely doing justice)...was one of the most spectacular i've ever seen. Pic taken atop Bromly mtn where we had dinner last night.
  6. Takin my boys up into the mountains tomorrow to spend two days wandering in the woods. Will be a taste of September up at higher elevations...(this is for about 2,300' elevation where we'll be camping)
  7. had 1/2" in the gauge this morning so 3/4" total....more in line with what I was hoping for Suns now out shaping up to be a nice day out there.
  8. Hoping radars fills back in...maybe tomorrow? Need more than just over a .25” in a span of 20 minutes
  9. Good luck...looks like the next batch should get you coming through NW NJ now...
  10. Got a good little dose of rain...just about .3" in the gauge. Definitely could use more though. Suns back out now so temps back on the rise...just about back to the supposed high temp for the day.
  11. quick darkening of the sky and temp just dropped...
  12. More quality forecasting from our friends at NWS....they're still saying a high temp of 78F while it is currently 88F outside...making a run at 90F with a lot of sun.
  13. Is that Saranac Lake at 36? Got down to 46F imby...great radiational cooling conditions. Coldest morning since Jun 12.
  14. Woke up cold this morning with the window fan going and just a flat sheet and light blanket on the bed. Got up to turn off fan and grab the comforter so checked thermometer which read 49... know we’ll be paying for this later in August...
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