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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. Snowadelphia

    March 2-4, 2019 | Winter Storm | Final Chapters

    Potentially - it’s been a rough year here too even though we are technically Mid Atlantic. I think the real winners have been south of DC and into NC
  2. Snowadelphia

    March 2-4, 2019 | Winter Storm | Final Chapters

    I've got money on scenario 1. Any takers?
  3. Snowadelphia

    February 27-28, 2019 | Winter Storm

    I’d say “hath he have no shame” but I guess we all know the answer.
  4. Ha! I think so. Interesting to note the temperature differentials less than a mile away here in the city. 30 degrees here but similarly the snow is extremely light. I took a “work from home” day. Haven’t had to use many - and it might be my only chance this year.
  5. Biggest snow fall since November now around these parts - still can’t believe this is factual
  6. Headed towards inch 3 here. Looks like it’s going to start slowing down and pick up as mixed precip later today
  7. Radar looks to be still moving E at a good clip. How are the returns right now out in Lancaster and Harrisburg?
  8. Just passed the 1” mark here in Philly. Radar returns look good for the next few hours.
  9. I think you need to shift that bullseye SE about 75 - 100 miles based on radar returns. But you know - what’s 100 miles between friends
  10. Gotta love Accuweather’s radar showing that non-existent triangle of death.
  11. Got a nice coating already on non-paved surfaces.
  12. Flakes in East Falls too. Right at freezing.
  13. Snowadelphia

    February 27-28, 2019 | Winter Storm

    I think this is our system on the GFS. Pretty good spot.
  14. Snowadelphia

    February 27-28, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Totally different pattern than the one we are currently in. We shall see but GFS shows a bomb on 3/5 as well. Might we finally see winter yet?
  15. A good thump but careful there is definitely sleet mixed in there for many.