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  1. What sorcery is this? Seriously though - i'd say the chances of this happening are slim to none.
  2. Ended up with a slushy compacted inch here in NW Philly. Sun is peaking through and it will probably be gone in next few hours. Happy for all the New Englanders though who seem to have gotten a good strike out of this. I know you all are well under your season average. Story of the year in the northeast
  3. The struggle is real. 34 and drizzling/sleet here. I think we have a slushy inch.
  4. Good to see you posting JD! Hope all is well up there in the northern tier.
  5. Oooofff sleet starting to mix in.
  6. Just moving too fast and still too warm... I’ll take my 2” here - bring on spring.
  7. Puking snow in athe East Falls section of Philly. Coating on grassy surfaces. Down to 36 degrees
  8. White rain in East Falls - 38 degrees and falling
  9. snow mixing with rain here in East Falls. Still at 39 degrees
  10. Hey bud - not sure what to expect in the NW for this one. I think we are going to be right on the r/s line. No flakes yet in East Falls but temp has dropped to 39
  11. Not bashing the Euro - but it is an outlier. That’s fact.
  12. A little surprised to see the Euro so far off from other guidance - especially the Ukie - this close to the system.
  13. GFS mostly holds serve. Still not loving this setup for Philly peeps. In my experience - when Philly is even near the r/s line it’s gonna be rain 99 times out of 100. I think folks in the Lehigh Valley south along 476 look to be in a real good spot. We will see what the evolution is today but I get the sense models have come pretty far SE and could correct NW. Hope I’m wrong!
  14. Potentially - it’s been a rough year here too even though we are technically Mid Atlantic. I think the real winners have been south of DC and into NC
  15. I've got money on scenario 1. Any takers?
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