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  1. 40's and rain in January? We don't need to imagine it - we can remember it!
  2. Snow reported in the Berkshires (MA) yesterday. An inch or so - enough to cover the ground. Merely cold, rainy and windy where I was..
  3. This thread has been fun all along and its just gotten better as the days have gone by. Interesting, instructive and entertaining. Thanks to those who make it happen and for all the excellent posts. Good stuff. I have travel interest for Saturday in NNE so following closely.
  4. Indeed. What are "Steven's Institute ensembles"? That's a new one on me after many years of puzzling over Boston AFDs. Google search suggests something from the Marine Observation and Prediction Laboratory..
  5. Really a different series not that far away here near Boston. 815am we got a sudden mix of sleet and snow for a half hour (walking the dog) which turned to giant flakes/conglomerates. Then a steady regular type snow (1-2" ) which turned to sleet for a long while, then to rain, to light rain and then hours of heavy drizzle. High of 37. No wind. All in all, a March slopfest.
  6. Well some of those totals are certainly high. 69" just outside Quebec City? And 13" for near MBY - meanwhile all forecasts I've seen are calling for zero.
  7. Not me. 14" of the "white gold". You people that wish for this are nutty! Bunch of good real time analysis last night. Well done and thanks.
  8. Where did you find that? Be fun to compare to some forecast snow maps (I know I know, snow maps are useless but I find them kind of... useful). I just poked around real quick at https://www.nohrsc.noaa.gov/nsa/#snow_reports and found some cool stuff but did not locate that particular summary.
  9. I don't know where this came from. Was not there yesterday right? BOX "preliminary forecast" calling for 3-6" and it looks like snow for most of Saturday now. But 20"? No thank you.
  10. They moved to Norton (next town over) last year. During a storm as it turned out. But to the original question - partly sunny Monday afternoon - why not? If storm has come and gone..
  11. Totally in your camp on this but it was funny to have gone from your post to the NWS write-up 2 minutes later where they actually trotted out 20:1 ratios. We've actually had a couple of powder events recently only to get followed up by rain or warm or both. By now we have some glaciation going on in woods/trails where the ice is covered up by snow and it's really treacherous. For a no snow winter it's discouraging how long it's been hanging around here.
  12. Read the BOX AFD after seeing this and had to report back.
  13. Good for you getting power back before too long into the night. 80 is some strong wind. MA max was Mt Tom at 76. No others reported over 70 but I counted 31 locations at 60mph or higher.
  14. System seems pretty consistently modeled at same time points on GFS, FV3-XXX, CMC and ICON give or take 50 miles north or south. Wednesday night for example.. And yes PV, they all show a Friday follow-up although less agreement about when/where.
  15. So I'm curious why what you are posting looks so different than what MikeW posted 5 hours ago? A different model 24 hours later might be a possible explanation but all the lows on his 3 models were in NY or WV and you're showing things far south. Thanks in advance. BOX has this to say (don't know how to do the hide the text thing - yes I should go practice): Zonal mid level flow remains through the period but models indicate potential for our next shortwave to dip south from Canada around Wednesday. Plenty of disagreement on how amplified it becomes and whether it can tap into enough moisture to bring appreciable wet weather or not. Holding on to chance pops mid week but confidence is low for now.
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