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  1. Maybe folks are a bit gun shy? We've been here before this winter and it didn't pan out. The model runs are promising is about all I'll say at this point. lol
  2. Ended up with 4". I was kind of surprised we didn't mix more than we did.
  3. Now all snow? I don't hear any pingers.
  4. Still flat, but did bump north. A trend?
  5. A lot of fantasy snow on the 00z FV3 for the whole region next week.
  6. Picked up 7" here in Newark. That last band that pushed through around 7am dumped an inch in 45 minutes. Amazing little storm. Too bad the great melt starts in a couple of days.
  7. 33 and rain here. Looks like here in Newark we will switch to snow between 8 and 9pm.
  8. HRRR still giving us a decent thumping tonight. We shall see.
  9. Looks like we will have a lot of mixing and pure rain here in Newark today. Looking forward to the changer over tonight.
  10. FWIW, local TV met Eric Elwell has us in his 8"-12" band.
  11. I will give all these panicked folks this much, local TV weather mets were really down playing this up until today. People who don't follow weather are now like 'holy crap!' Plus, this could be the biggest snow dump on us since March 08.
  12. Yup, local grocery stores here in Newark are off the hook. You would think it was end times. lol
  13. Hey, I'm in Newark too @FortySixAnd32! Glad to see another local here. Hopefully we get slammed!
  14. Mansfield OH would be decent too. The consistency (stubbornness?) of the GFS/FV3 gives me pause for getting too excited for my neck of the woods.
  15. Thanks. Read on another forum that it's 'warmer', but it is a NE oriented chat so I don't know how that translates for us.
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