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  1. I can't believe that there may be a second severe line coming through after that tornado warned cell earlier. The water is still piled up from that deluge. If we get a second round it will be instant flooding...just nowhere for the water to go.
  2. That's right over my head. Very nasty stuff right now. The wife and son are in the basement (they're smarter than me).
  3. I consider it all my fault. I bought my Wrangler soft top last July 14th. I was looking forward to summer days driving around with the top down and the sun beating down on me. I think the top has only been down about 20 days since I bought it. Anyhow, this nonsense started the weekend I bought the Jeep. It hasn't stopped since. I've told my wife that we're moving to Arizona.
  4. Did you just say snow???? Where??!! HIgher elevations? CAD? I'm getting torched!! I'm in a dry slot!! What a bust!!
  5. Oh....my....God That tornado warned cell came through here about 45 minutes ago and it was as bad as anything I've ever experienced before. I watched with my brother-in-law as the sheets of rain shifted south, then north, then south, then north and back and forth about 5 times. I couldn't see any rotation because everything was shrouded in rain. In fact, we were pretty stupid for not getting into the basement...although the wife and kids were already there. We must've received an inch of rain in about 30 minutes. Everything is flooded right now and I see another band in Lancaster that I pray is going to miss us to the south. I have a leak in my kitchen ceiling now. I was like someone was pumping a fire hose on the house for 30 minutes straight. Stay safe people!
  6. I hope it is just about wrapped up with that particular brand of nasty, because it's starting to head towards some rather populated areas.
  7. That was Me and my Wife's favorite show! It was just really getting good and they canceled it. Left us in the middle of a cliffhanger!
  8. Of all the people in my family, I consider myself the least likely to have a tick issue ... I'm bald and there's no place to hide. Then, last night I found one embedded in my chest. It took a piece of skin with it on the way out. I'm watching the area closely. I hate parasites!
  9. Seriously dude....nice write up! I learned a ton just from that one post. Lots of great info that I will carry forward with me.
  10. In Jamison PA we have one of those 35 dBZ lines coming through and it is definitely not sleet. The size of the flakes has increased dramatically.
  11. Make it happen! I just measured 2 inches of snow here in Central Bucks. It looks like some ferocious bands coming in that will bump those totals up pretty quick.
  12. That's coastal plain down there...pretty much flat as a pancake. I believe that the snow/rain lines on the radar are derived from surface temp observations or some more complicated algorithm that my small mind can't comprehend. It's probably one weather station erroneously reporting a temp above freezing, so the confused radar puts a radius of green around that spot.
  13. You can't use Google Translate. You have to go to Babelfish and select Weenian to English.
  14. You can't see the boat anymore either. It must be dumping ;-)
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