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  1. Maybe not as many strong storms but still looks good for heavy rain.
  2. SPC-A marginal risk encompasses much of the Mid Atlantic, with a slight risk south of the Mid Atlantic. WPC-The WPC has also posted a large area under a slight chance of excessive rain with the storms from Delaware to Connecticut.
  3. Kinda crazy that 80% of New Jersey has a severe thunderstorm warning
  4. 95° currently in Morgantown WV, the last day of the heat wave, overshooting all other days. Heat index of 104° with the heat advisory already expired yesterday. Yes this is a TWC report but I did check to confirm with personal weather stations data.
  5. SPC now has a slight chance of strong storms in Philly, DC and NYC.
  6. July 22-23 has the potential to be a pretty wet day across the majority of the northeast. Right now the WPC has placed a moderate chance of excessive rain over the area, and the SPC has now placed a slight chance of stronger storms toward the coast from Providence to DC. The GFS and NAM both have the region getting up to 2 inches of rain and localized 3 inches+. Pictures order...WPC, SPC
  7. I’m referring to the eastern parts of Ohio in the mid Atlantic area.
  8. There is a slight possibility of excessive rain in the region Wednesday July 17th. Afternoon storms will fire as post tropical Barry moves out. Although there storms will not be severe (Marginal chance in some areas), let’s see if the WPC is accurate about the flooding potential. Pictures... 1-rain outlook 2-severe outlook 3-future high res NAM
  9. NAM out to Thursday, general 88°-92° in the region but GFS pumps up the heat into the weekend with highs up to 95° and night lows only to 70°s. Heat indexes will be deep into the high 90°s. Nam to Thursday image 1-3 GFS out to July 22 below...
  10. Very much so. We need a pattern change and fast but it doesn’t look like that’s happening.
  11. Latest GFS images in order July 16-21... Due to Barry moving over the region during the date range, the GFS images do not show super high temperatures on some of the days. This is due to the GFS long term only having 18z frames for the afternoon timing (which is after some of the rain moves in for the day).
  12. Yea I can update the time frame, just waiting for models to figure out Barry. Climate prediction center seems to still be very bullish on this one. Someone said earlier also about the high humidity that we might get heat alerts under criteria, but I would say the temps need to be at least 90° also. 88° and humid air is too deep in normal range for that. Most recent CPC outlook below.
  13. New excessive heat outlook much worse than before. Models still struggling with time frame and location due to the tropical development and it’s track inland.
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