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  1. I cannot remember the last time we had this kind of sustained lightning and thunder. And within the last five minutes it was like a sonic boom, you could feel it. Well hopefully it was that and not another branch on the roof...
  2. Stay safe, I hope nothing too serious and no damage! Been crazy on and off here, as usual. Some heavy downpours, a lot of lightning, thunder, the works. The Sun made a brief appearance, but it's darkening up again and I hear more thunder... Looks like this will be going on for most of the night on and off.
  3. It's my stepson's birthday as well. He's 17. So, you know, good luck to us. But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wxdisco
  4. This poor guy's photo was found under "ancient faces"?
  5. We have plenty to spare, I’ll bring over some buckets for you.
  6. I mean, if you insist, but we kinda need you here...
  7. We like a happy Lurkerator! Enjoy! And use all the mod skills in your power to keep that humidity down for us, please.
  8. Some of us just don’t deal with the heat well, or the allergies, or the bugs. PS: And I don’t watch reality TV
  9. This happens a couple of times a year. At least. This area in Carteret is notorious for it. We’re constantly told improvements are being made, but time and time again we flood, and we end up with sewage, and everything else. There’s always damage, we have to deal with mold removal and so on. My hope is that at some point we are able to afford to move. But you know, our work and our lives are here and it’s not so easy. Perhaps I should start a go fund me!
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