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  1. String up some garlic around your windows.
  2. Groundhog LeanTo. Great band name! I am sorry you have to look at and live with this, must be quite the breeding ground. That said, it’s pretty damn funny commentary! Not that we are laughing at your pain, but... Well, @KENNYP2339 might be laughing at your pain.
  3. Just as I suspected, Sun, freshly baked LIES! Shortly after I posted that the sky turned that greenish gray color and the rain began again. Steady rainfall, not pouring - yet. Our gutters have yet to start flowing. Well, I know who's rejoicing...
  4. The Sun is struggling to peek out here...I don't trust it...
  5. Poured this morning in Carteret for a while. Then it cleared up, had some sun, nice and dry for a bit. And tonight the skies opened up again. Our waterfall, otherwise known as old, busted gutters, tells me we had quite a bit of rain. This rain coupled with the unavoidable approaching humidity is going to create a mushroomland with Mothra-sized insects of every kind. Yay.
  6. Who/what is that @lynniethelurker ?!? Edit- it’s Kermit, I see it now!
  7. As a current Jerseyan I can confirm mutants. And mosquitoes.
  8. I have no real observations, other than the fact that it’s already hot and humid and I hate it 😖. My question is, do we have long range outlooks? I know we have the daily observations monthly, but I guess what I’m looking for is someone to tell me whether or not this Summer will be the same hell as last...
  9. Frizz the season

  10. Hit 147° here in Carteret, or maybe 88/89. Once we are over 75° it stops mattering for me... Enjoy it to all the warm weather folks here, your time is upon us!
  11. My mushroom bog season is off to phenomenal start.
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