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  1. Can we lock in the 18z GFS please? I know I know, too much to ask
  2. Lol there ya go. Well hey got a couple messages I'm going to send ya so I don't clog up the thread lol
  3. Sucked you had to work for part of it though lol
  4. Wish I could have joined in on all the fun. I should have moved to Ohio for a day
  5. Thanks for sharing that video earlier bud!
  6. I wish you would have gotten the lightning on it too. Still an awesome video bro! Sent ya a message too...
  7. Especially one that gave you thundersnow! Lol. But just think, the homework you're working on now can lead to you getting to forecast and report on these exact kinds of storms
  8. You can't do homework when you're in the middle of a snowstorm bro!
  9. Much deserved experience! And a good birthday present, even if it was a few days late lol
  10. It's incredible to experience isn't it? And yeah lol, the Snow Gods heard us!
  11. Well, if I couldn't get snow from this storm, it makes me happy you got to experience that bro!
  12. Congrats! See, I told you you would get it bud!!!
  13. No, we lost it for a week. I remember being at school when it started and they didn't let us out early so by the time we got out of school, kids' doors on their cars were frozen shut. The principals were literally out in the parking lot with buckets and bottles of water trying to unfreeze doors so students could get in their cars!
  14. You definitely will bud. Just gotta be in that right place at the right time. I hope to experience it again someday. I've actually experienced that once and then also lightning and thunder back in like 2004 when we had our ice storm. You want to talk about crazy and insane...
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