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  1. Are we sure it was the weather? Some activity going on out there. Went around me in both directions. They were calling for 50% chance. Not a wish washy forecast, but half the forecast area was affected. Interesting, huh, RobB?
  2. @RobBucksPA, Oddly, my mother in law (coincidentally 80 years old) had a physical therapy appt locally yesterday at 10:30am. She did end up going as it was only 2-3 miles away. She has absolute fear of bad weather driving b/c when she bought a car back in 2003 she did not remember how to operate the wipers so she drove down the interstate in huge downpour with the window open and her head sticking out since the windshield since she couldnt see out the window, but i digress. But I did inquire about she cancelled as she has cancelled many times over just the threat you refer to. My wife had gone there Monday to take her to her other appointment for an epidural. Oddly, SHE is the one who left EARLY on Tuesday morning to get home before the "Storms." I knew the threat shifted south, but there was not deterring her. Aside from that, the other statement " "Chance of T-Storms, some might be severe. 50% chance" is not necessarily wishy-washy. It's tough to explain and I may not get it exactly right, but that forecast does not mean "50% chance that it's going to rain or t-storm" , which does sound wishy-washy, it actually means something like "during the forecast period 50% of the forecast area will be receiving rain and thunderstorms." Nitpicky, but slightly different. If I get hammered and you get nothing and we are in the same forecast area, then they pretty much nailed the storm potential. How many times do we say "hey it missed me and went south by 10 miles. Boom, 50% chance of storms. However, I do agree the wording is often too strong for around here. There are places in the CONUS that truly have absolute severe and dangerous weather. Around here it's usually a lot more localized and when that happens all the news stations flock to that one tree that fell down in someone's back yard.
  3. There was an email with a couple links, i.e. WX Disco 2020 which when I clicked on it (text below) left me with the impression that the site may periodically look different so PM could do work behind the scenes. WX Disco is one year old today! Can you believe it, amazing how the year flew by. So whats planned for our second year? Stop by to see whats coming in WX Disco 2020 and wish us well for our second year. https://wxdisco.com/topic/1217-happy-birthday-wx-disco/ We are also having an annual fund raiser which will be the only one for the year. Your support of WX Disco financially helps me give the members the best possible experience and guarantees we will be here for a long time to come. So if you can afford to we would be truly grateful. https://wxdisco.com/topic/1218-annual-disco-drive/ Cheers! WX Disco Staff WX Disco 2020 that is the name of the new theme. Not so original but tells the tale, we are moving forward and looking ahead. So I am starting the backhand work this weekend,. I have IPS 4.4.4 to install first and that will be our jump off point. The new site/theme will be developed separately from the current themes and will be available for Beta testing almost immediately once I have the main code done. This is just the dashboard theme that will allow me to add unlimited custom applications and plug-ins without effecting the core code of IPS. I don't think there will be any issues with the site during this so everything should be working normally. Will post updates and info when applicable.
  4. Kinda has that winter storm feeling. ....in the wheelhouse 24 hours out and then it dips 200 miles south
  5. Just checking the numbers, appears a bottom out at 53° both Sat nigh and Sunday night (technically Sun and Mon mornings, but early enough I was still sleeping and as far as I'm concerned the day does not change until I wake up).
  6. Storm selfie while driving ( a stormie)??? I do not think there is a law against that!
  7. For some reason Mother Nature does not like Boonton. Sister in law lives there and it seems the big rains and snows pummel them worse than surrounding areas. Sandy's and and Halloween storms did more damage to them with downed trees on the the pool and the house, and local roads closed for days when others nearby wee passable. Maybe it's a reservoir microclimate?
  8. probably meant Jersey coast. Nobody cares about Long Island coast Honestly, They did say "coast", but maybe they don't reference "coast" when speaking of LI. Usually it, Long Island, North Shore or South Shore. Maybe they referenced the Island, but I could have tuned out at that point
  9. Local NY news this morning said they would not make it to coast.
  10. The race is on....if storms hold together their travel from Scranton to IMBY in Sussex County is about the same as my drive home from SE Morris County in NJ. Actually makes for a fun ride as I get to see it darkening on the way.....kinda scenic
  11. I know I'm wasting space, but it's slow now.....Back in the 80's we drove out to PA somewhere to go to a party. The party was dead so we put in our 'house music' tape and the party picked up. Someone replaced it with the Bay City Rollers. The party started fizzling, we went outside, the other people followed us essentially clearing the house. We went back inside and again put in our 'house music' and everyone came back in and started partying again. Again it was replaced with Bay City Rollers. We went back outside and everyone followed. We went back in.....Well, you understand, they were just a little behind the times out there, but the Bay City Rollers was born from that. The other joke is that I hooked up with Eddie Munster. It's not what you think, but the way she pulled her black hair back so tightly, she had the little "v" on her forehead, well, you get the picture there, too. Sigh. The day actually started down the Shore at Sandy Hook with vodka watermelon and other beverages...My friend caught crabs (he cast someone's fishing pole once and that is what latched on but another joke was born.) and ended up a couple hours drive into PA. Not sure if it's good or bad, but it definitely ranks as one the wilder and fun days of my existence. And now back to fair weather.
  12. Bay City Rollers still hold the top spot on the music chart around here. And Billy Ray Cyrus is playing at Skylands Stadium in a couple weeks. Sadly, that 2nd part is actually true. Sigh.
  13. Apparently this afternoon did nothing to dry up the atmosphere. Pouring out again. Hope it blows through by 6pm so I can get to my car and get home......to take my evening nap
  14. That was one of the craziest half hours I've seen in a while and i don't just throw those type of terms out there. I am usually very critical and a bit of a negative nellie. Still raining and very windy, but I should be able to get out to my car for my afternoon nap soon, right on schedule
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