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  1. Be honest.....it could be 36° and rainy and you would still feel the same way. The weather has nothing to do with it, actually.
  2. What software do you have where you can edit like that? I only have "snipping tool" Hilarious stuff !!!!!! As a followup, wife paid the water bill last week and they told her she can fill out an anonymous report about them. Lawn was cut Saturday, albeit by teenagers. Not sure if they were locals or if they were professional. Simple lawn mower and weed wacker. They left the groundhog hut....and the soda can
  3. Most don't have teeth in my town, so I am curious..... Also, note the octagonal shape of Sussex is surrounded on ALL sides by Wantage Twp. I have not yet been able to prove it, but I theorize that long ago Wantage built an octagonal fence and stuck all of the down trodden there and originally named it UnWantage. The inhabitants were called Sadsacks and that over time it morphed into what we now know as Sussex.
  4. 0.20" this morn. I am usually spared the big and severe weather up by me in far NWNJ. Couple rumbles. I don't even think Mother Nature is interested in visiting the outskirts of civilization
  5. Impressive!!! I recognized the guys in the corner, but not the movie name. AWESOME show back in the day.
  6. Sorry, but I have to ask....How many of you have been called this by an ex-girlfriend at some point in your life?
  7. Even more elusive (and maybe more valuable) than the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow...... Now, I just have to remember where I left my sunglasses.
  8. Hopefully, with lowering DP's, the atmosphere will be able to absorb it.
  9. Hopefully it's just the atmosphere wringing out the towel one last time and you'll be able to put on some nice dry skivvies in no time. Often seems the atmosphere does that. I think of it as a crested wave (rain), then wave crashes (final deluge) and then it's calm just behind the wave (sunny) But it was a miserable ride to work this morn. rained the whole way (about 1.5 hours) and is still a decently heavy shower out there now.
  10. decent amount of lightning, including a fresh strike out ahead in the gut of Philly
  11. The definition of irony is that fair weather fans only flock to the boards during bad weather. 

    1. 1816


      I would argue in this case they aren't fair weather fans though....more like winter weather fans

  12. Hopefully the push we need to get this garbage out of here for the weekend
  13. Couldn't find what i was looking for, but thought a little lighthearted Calvin and Hobbes "RobBes" would be uplifting And @KENNYP2339 , I am not sure , I will follow the ground hog hole and see where it leads me :)
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