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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. 0.40" .031" around 4:45 with rumbles approaching, but quickly silenced and never made through my area. Some showers here in Morris county now. I know I left my front car windows cracked open, but I have those wind things so know the front is not getting wet. I don't remember if I closed the back windows or not.
  2. avatar from happy gilmore? I never knew. I was thinking something like Longest yard. i just caught end of happy and saw the guy
  3. 1.07"
  4. I am seeing home openers in STL and CHI already PPD. Can't find a thread for that in Midwest/Upper...... What storm is this? More importantly, did TWC name it?
  5. It's crazy, but for your area i think they posted a Red Ant Warning.
  6. Ya know, I THOUGHT that was you at Doc's last night.
  7. Here is a picture of my dad with Jacob deGrom from 8/24/17. My dad saw him at the last rest area on the NJTurnpike south before the Del Mem Bridge. Below the pic is the "transcript" of the encounter from my dad via email. Jake was at Citifield for a Thur day game and was driving to Nationals Park to pitch on Friday night. Not sure why the Mets did not send him early or why he did not take the bus with the team, but it's the Mets and that says it all. Oh, and he pitched 7 shutout innings and got the win that Fri night. Transcript via email from my dad: Here's how it went down....I just entered heading for the restroom...Locked a glance on him as we passed in the crowd...Confused, I blurted out "Are you......him? (tongue tied).....DeG: yes....Me: Wow, nice to meet you...DeG: (smiling) Nice to meet YOU....I continue to RR...Finished, I ready my camera if he's still around...He's gone....I head for my car.....Boom! there he is, two cars from mine, playing with his kid while his wife (Stacy) fixes the car seat in the back seat...Without thinking I say: Hey Jake, family won't believe me if I don't get a picture...I'm trying to get a shot of just him and he says...:DEG: That won't do it, you need us together, anybody can have a random picture...Calls his wife over...Get a shot of me and...??? Me: Harry...She takes the camera that is ready....SNAP..good pic...Me: Sorry to bother you, truly...Drive carefully....DeG: You too, we enjoyed it....Handshake....Me: Wow........
  8. How would YOU know?!?!? Thanks for the info SC71. It's funny, b/c I seem to remember only seeing a woodpecker a couple times ever and remember thinking that they did seem to act and look like Woody. However, these had the same flight, but I thought they looked different. There was a third one flying around, too, but I did not get that one.
  9. Not really sure where or if I should post this, but I was out in the parking lot at lunch and a couple of woodpeckers landed on the tree near me. Here is a pic. Also, i am trying to put a short video in spoiler, but not sure how that works. Woody.mp4
  10. Still? I think I remember reading about this at work last week. U gonna be in good enough shape to drive the new beast home? Enjoy!
  11. Hey Kenny. We lost power for an hour in parts of Sussex. Damaged equipment. Were u on the fix? I was in middle of PMing you, when it came back on. The update said a few more hours. Thanks for the good work!
  12. 0.75" RN at KFWN meh.
  13. 0.17"
  14. Up to a whopping 0.15" now When this site was created I updated my Lonnie Quinn from CBS Ch2 in NY avatar. I guess he kinda became my trademark. But now that winter is over (in NJ) and I was home today, I decided to update my LQ avatar with this storm for the spring/summer. Just posting this to see what it looks like. Per Lonnie, there should be some rain tonight.We'll see