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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays


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  1. Exactly...drop in verification at the beginning of the period in question.
  2. jdrenken

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Thanks Rob! I played 1st chair Viola in middle school!
  3. jdrenken

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Another 9.6 rise between the 11th-12th. Apply the maps above for New Year's storm.
  4. The euro takes a Southern stream system and squashed it while focusing on a clipper. Goes from 1002mb in Western MI to 981mb on the Northern border of NY & VT on the 22nd.
  5. jdrenken

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Some legit research that I've done on the daily SOI changes... We had a 9.8pt rise Nov 27-28. 20 days later, the composites show this... The WPC has day 3 500mb looking like this... So...our timing is pretty darn close!
  6. jdrenken

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    -PNA on the ENS has a "dump cold west, moderate east" look.
  7. Not saying that at all. Earlier this month there was thread hijacking done due to confusion of what storm was for what thread.
  8. This is not "tanking". It moves from positive to neutral negative. If the negative values reflected the positive, I'd say yes...it's not. On that note, I've seen Twitter accounts create composites based on a -EPO to push their agenda. At the same time they have a +PNA in there. Let's be realistic instead of hype. When looking at operational tellies, remember my rule... "Forecast high, verification low. Forecast low, verification high."
  9. That's not the point of my post as it pertains to the organization of the threads.
  10. I would highly suggest we wait for some model consensus before going down the same road we did at the beginning of the month.
  11. Tried and true... When there's a warm up in the winter, look out for what's behind it!
  12. jdrenken

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    A great thread by Jaques...