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  1. How are those operational tellies looking @RobB?
  2. Even though it doesn't budge, the -PNA allows the cold to dump West, moderate East.
  3. Sounds like a certain company that "never missed" did just that. All for retweets, likes, & shares.
  4. I kicked the server a few times to wake it up. 😂
  5. With the strongest anomalies between 90°W-120°W & right on the dateline.
  6. This is why we hold ourselves to a different level on this forum. The bust is huge, but claims it was delayed until today. Ladies and gentlemen, a system is not delayed between 3-5 days.
  7. I guess that depends on what type of support you are talking about? It looks like an inland system. http://www.stormhamster.com/bsr/2019-02-February.htm
  8. That's what happens when you have one moderator who is more worried about his self image while other moderators had to actually do their jobs. THAT is the measure of integrity! Not caring about what people think about you and doing something you signed up for. Going farther...to be called out publicly when UTS & I were the most vocal against the trashing of the NWS last November by one of the very people who was the loudest is hilarious. Integrity? Good luck everyone! I will continue to post, few and far between, but I release myself from any administrator and/or moderator duties.
  9. Funny thing is Homenuk, who is a member of empire weather, was trashing those who warned about the Pacific Jet coming back.
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