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  1. We're pretty close to one another so I'm guessing you got pretty much the same weather/forecast as I did. Always snowing about 5-10 days out but never got the snow. Just cold and rain.
  2. After looking it up, I'll take that year all day long. Trace on Christmas Day, nearly 20-inches between Jan-Mar. Lets lock that one in.
  3. Reading this like... Now I know what it feels like when I explain what I did to fix someone's server or network lol. Considering what you're seeing today (which will obviously change), if what we're seeing continues, what type of winter would the TN valley area be looking at? Any good comparison years? Thanks in advance!
  4. Sign me up right now for an 02-03 winter!
  5. 6-10 days out was so annoying last year. Every friggen week we were 6-10 days from significant snow. I'm talking between 3-6 days straight of anywhere between 1-6 inches of snow. Snow depths showing up to 10 inches once. First time I'm like, ok we should get a little but this could be wrong so I won't get my hopes up. Then the subsequent 5-6 times after that I'm like, "It can't be wrong EVERY time" ... "there's 5 days of snow, 2 or 3 days say between 3-5 inches possible, we have to get at least something". Then at the end of winter super jaded not even looking at the forecast anymore trying some pseudo mind trick on the weather. End result... barely 1 inch total for the whole winter.
  6. Can we set the first thumbnail in stone please? I'll take just one big snow storm and be happy. I'm not picky, I just want some significant snow once.
  7. If anyone has time, could you look up what factors were in place for 2010 (Jan-Feb) and 2010-2011 Winter season? Thanks in advance!
  8. I'd LOVE a 2010-11 winter or even J-F 2010 for my area.
  9. What does this mean for Winter in eastern US? I'm hoping Tennessee Valley gets some snow but if last year is any indication, I'm looking into some type of vacay up north to get my fix.
  10. @ClicheVortex2014 Do you see any rotation with this storm coming into Tennessee/Kentucky?
  11. Im seriously hoping for a much better winter. We get 3-5 average in Northern-Middle Tenn depending on what site you check. Most predictions said we would have a colder temps and more snow. We ended up with 1 inch total and that basically came in one storm.
  12. Is this a different time or is this an update to your 3rd and 4th post? As in, less likely for tornado activity with this event?
  13. Cliche, you see any potential for tornadoes Thursday?
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