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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. Gator

    Winter 2019-2020 | Outlooks and Discussion

    I'll take 2010-2011 and call it a win compared to this year lol
  2. Gator

    Winter 2019-2020 | Outlooks and Discussion

    No we don't want a lot, 3-5 average is ok for me. Once I start commuting to work I'll be especially happy we don't get a lot. However, my wife and I still work for our companies back home in Florida remotely so we don't drive around much on a daily basis so I was just hoping for a big snow or two this year so the kids could play in it and build a snowman, maybe a little sledding etc. I'm planning on at least working from home for another year or two so maybe next year... The one great thing about being where we are is that we only have an 8-10 hour drive to major snow areas so we can get our fix when we want it.
  3. I swear, there's something about Hendersonville that makes snow turn into rain (or just disappear completely) and severe storms dissipate. It's annoying with the snow but I'll take it with the severe storms. This has been happening the whole couple hours this storm has been over us. We get a little thunder and some lightning but the worst of the storm stays in Nashville or South-West of Nashville. Could it be the Cumberland River / Old Hickory Lake? I can't think of anything else to explain it. If you look at historical tornadoes, they hit above us, to the east/west and into Nashville but Hendersonville has only had a couple that never amounted to much of anything. I'd love to know the scientific reason for it but it's probably just the luck of the draw.
  4. You know, I saw that hook and was wondering if that was something that could cause a warning. Is that the app you were talking about?
  5. Gator

    February 6-8, 2019 | Storms

    I hear that. I swear there is a scientific reason that I'm not aware of that stops snow from hitting my area. We got one storm with 1 inch of snow and nothing more than a tiny amount of flurries or tiny accumulations on cars. Every time snow comes near Hendersonville it breaks apart or turns into rain.
  6. Are there any tools / radars for newbs like myself that just want to look for tornadoes in the area? Maybe even some type of warning system via twitter or other social media? Moving from Florida to Middle Tenn, my only worry is tornadoes. I'll take a hurricane all day lol. Tornadoes scare the crap out of me.
  7. Gator

    Winter 2019-2020 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Everyone predicted more snow for my area and we have only gotten 1 inch total. I just wanted 1 friggen big snow while I'm working from home, I guess it was too much to ask. Now Feb temps seem to be rather warm with no sign of dipping back down into something more favorable for a couple inches. Several times this year I saw 3-5 inches in the forecast only for it to get here and be rain and/or flurries. Oh well, I'm hoping 2019-20 is better too.
  8. Is this an anomaly for the beginning of Feb or is this a sign of a warming trend / possible early spring?
  9. Awesome, thanks for the info.
  10. Does anyone know if this band of snow will make its way down to Nashville area? What is the best future radar (maybe a couple hours in the future) to see stuff like that? Thanks in advance!
  11. Ya it's my first winter here and I've expected this but got excited when everyone said this would be an above average snowfall year. So far as far as I can tell we are still below average. Seems like the perfect storm every single time for us to miss significant snow. Being my first winter here and being remote, I was hoping for at least one major snow storm for the kids to enjoy. Again, I picked this place knowing it gets cold and doesn't snow too much (among many other factors), but it sucks to hear you will get more and actually want a lot this year only to get next to nothing. Seriously frustrating seeing models 10 days out showing snow for 5 days straight and some of those days 3-5 inches and have them turn to rain and/or a couple flurries when the day comes. Ok, sorry, rant over :)
  12. Can such a significant rain event for a prolonged period of time followed by a cool down cause more favorable conditions for snow if a storm tracks this way?
  13. SouthEast not very active so I'll ask here Any of you guys see any models that say Nashville area will get something other than rain and <1 of snow? Been getting the short end of the stick all winter. Was hoping one of these storms gave us a good coating but it's looking less and less likely as we head into Feb.
  14. Are there any favorable models popping up that gives Nashville area anything other than rain and less than 1 inch of snow? I'd love to get a nice 2-3 inches.
  15. This will change obviously since it's so far out but that would be crazy if this happened! Bring it on! Only problem is the temps are too high for much accumulation I'd think.