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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Is this a different time or is this an update to your 3rd and 4th post? As in, less likely for tornado activity with this event?
  2. Cliche, you see any potential for tornadoes Thursday?
  3. Ya I really like Pecos hank. He makes quality videos.
  4. Sounds like there's a tornado on the ground in Robertson county in Texas.
  5. Were now under a tornado warning shouldn't have opened my mouth lol
  6. Well for a week or two there we were getting thunderstorms and tornado threats nearly every day but it's been quiet for the last two weeks and other than a day or two in the long range forecast it seems quiet. Maybe too quiet lol...
  7. Agreed. During winter I check here hoping for another thread to pop up.. In Spring, I'm happy to come here and see nothing.
  8. Gator

    Winter 2019-2020 | Outlooks and Discussion

    I just want more than 1 inch total of snow throughout the whole season. Our average is 3-5 and it was supposed to be above average lol
  9. Looks like we're out of the woods for this one. The last line is about to pass us right now. Also really appreciate the updates cliche. It's nice to almost have a personal warning system for storms and tornadic activity to be aware of storms before hand so I can take action if necessary. Being our first spring here, it's really nice to have your updates to be informed and ready for severe weather.
  10. Just got issued a watch until 9pm... and so the fun begins.
  11. Would this be where a Tornado would spin up?
  12. Yikes, looking like it's gonna be a wild ride tomorrow.
  13. Gator

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    Prrretty sure snow hates me or Hendersonville. Literally every storm misses us one way or another..
  14. Gator

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    Trying not to get excited about an outlier 3 days out but I just got one thing to say...
  15. Gator

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    I'll take a mix between RGEM, GFS and FV3 and call it a win. Maybe a tick south and a bit stronger of a storm and I may actually get a little accumulation. I just checked xmACIS and they have less than an inch accumulation for the nearest station so far this winter. Pretty sure we got an inch here locally in one event but not sure how they calculate that or if there's a station close enough to record that. Either way, it ain't much so I'm happy with what I can get.