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  1. Thank you all for answering! I did end up winning the grant.. and I'll be headed to Norway next March. :)
  2. Don't remember the last time the Euro failed this badly with snow amounts..
  3. Still don't think models have things nailed down. None of them have been great, even this close.. the entire winter.
  4. I saw what you did there with the snow amounts. ;)
  5. Pulling for you. I know how painful watching things swing South or North can be.
  6. Looking forward to reading the updates on model preferences.. the NAM was the one that sniffed out the warmer solution for what should've been Snowpacalypse 2019. I know it's in it's long-range.. but something to watch.
  7. So shoot an arrow in between the Euro and GFS and someone wins, right? Lol.
  8. Edit: Nevermind, lol. Does anyone have access to the 18z Euro to know what it showed?
  9. 18Z NAM setup is pretty (at least to my untrained eyes).
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