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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. But seriously, has FV3 nailed anything from this far out ever?
  2. DCA average snowfall for March is 1.4" so this one could blow the month right open with the 0.8" we received early Friday morning! We've already beat the 30 year average and doubled last years total so anything else is gravy (and OPM closures are nice, especially on Mondays).
  3. None of the local Mets or NWS seem to be buying what the GFS is selling. Verbatim it would be a decent storm for the DC area. RGEM is looking closers. NAM 3k isn't far off. I'm a little surprised, I guess a lot of hats are hanging on the Euro.
  4. Poor GFS but this seems unlikely lol.
  5. Sleet picking up with some big flakes mixing back in.
  6. The conveyer from the gulf setup south of you guys.
  7. Back to a mix. But every time the precip rate picks up it goes back to more snow.
  8. The cold is holding on with some tenacity down here.
  9. Back to all snow in DC. Coming down heavy with huge flakes
  10. Whatever the precip turns out to be it's gonna be getting heavier here.
  11. Looks like heavier precip moving back towards DC. Let's see how long the dam can hold out.