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  1. Listen to the scanner.......https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/160/web................. this is soooooo bad. I am in shock
  2. SO is the tornado threat decreasing? It seems to have died down a BIT.
  3. Ok real quick.......I used to live in Kettering so I still watch Jamie Simpson, now I live in Union County and I STILL watch him! Problem is, once storms get near Urbana he stops covering it. Does anyone have someone up here that they like? Thanks!!
  4. Well apparently I need to watch a different met!
  5. Why is this? A local Met here just said that since the air is cooler here we are not as unstable as Indy. I'm confused and kind of scared.
  6. Point and click doesn't have this thing getting here until late tonight. Do you guys think that this will end up being a wide spread wind event? I am dreading the thought of being up all night.
  7. Is there a website you use for warnings? I'm only getting them through fox 45 radar but it's always 10 minutes behind.
  8. Is anyone else having trouble with NOAA updating warnings?
  9. I'm in Marysville and this storm is freaking me out!
  10. Yes I meant Ohio, sorry I didn't say that.......I'm over here all panicky. Storms freak me out!
  11. Would someone MUCH smarter than me look at the cell by West Liberty and tell me if it looks bad........I swear I see a hook
  12. I feel like things are moving pretty fast this morning. Asking for a little advice here, my kids leave school around 4 and walk home. We are near Marysville in Union County. Should I be thinking about leaving work early to get them? I figured this wouldn't be up this way until 5 or so and now I'm not too sure?
  13. I hate really bad storms too. This whole set up is worrisome.
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