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  1. Steady light snow now reaching the ground here near Baltimore.
  2. So I was out getting up leaves and moving some firewood around and came across this little guy back in the woods and have never seen these before. It’s somewhat similar to a Crocus which is generally the 1st to bloom around these parts in late winter however I don’t believe that’s what this is, the bloom looks more like a rain drop rather then the Crocus’s flower. Any one recognize this little guy?
  3. Snow falling from the clouds here around the Baltimore/DC region, however nothing making it to the ground as of yet. Dew Point temperature is however slowly inching upwards, began at 16 an hour ago and has now managed to make it to 20 degrees.
  4. 12K NAM looking somewhat robust for the northern Mid-Atl ❄️❄️❄️ Full view and then zoomed in 👍🏻
  5. Looks like a nice little stripe of snow being laid down, up until of course it wrangles with the Apps. We here near Baltimore do at times cash in on clippers (it’s rare) however more times then not the mountains rip it to pieces and east of the mountains is left with nothing more than very scattered precipitation, if any at all.
  6. Nooooo.....please turn off the rain faucet here in the Mid-Atl for gosh sakes, we are in the dire need to DRY out some (and by some I mean) A LOT!
  7. Just WOW.....leave it right there for now 😎
  8. What are you speaking of Storms? I mean which event(s) are you referencing and for where and when? The NWS for said storm/disturbance for THIS particular time frame stated in the thread title currently depicts a chance of snow for MBY along with points north and west of me “Baltimore”
  9. OMG.... Guilty as charged, I’m such a load...lol Yea still in the same place as it was ummmmm months ago. However will say my new wood shed is just about complete and that wonderful pile of fallen trees cut to length and split into triangular pieces will be relocated some time next week . Or at least that’s my plan and sticking to it 🔥🔥🔥
  10. Yessir as did I several Halloween’s ago my daughter and I were out picking pumpkins and it was almost 50 degrees however 3 different very heavy snow showers pushed thru the area....wildest thing is ever experienced with regard to the difference between surface and cloud level temperatures.
  11. One can only hope pal, I’m very giddy that you are as well getting in on some snow this afternoon....let’s HOPE it HOLDS for both our locations. From what it looks like your neighbor “Storms” may be down the beach as he reported rain a while ago in Rehoboth.
  12. current precipitation type NEXRAD, zoomed in on the Baltimore/DC locations. Curretly sitting ok as “Accu Chris” alluded to a bit ago with regard to the Rn/Sn line to my south and east a bit however once the storm gets cranking this evening the battle will be then be in IMBY...... I’m at just about where the “r” is there in Baltimore.
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