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East Coast Rain Blues

Why cold and snow is out and wet a warm remains the theme in the East, join in the conversation.


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  1. Fire/Rescue

    January 23-25, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Thank you sir 👍🏻
  2. Fire/Rescue

    January 23-25, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Hi there neighbor I won’t be home here in Edgewood for this storm rather I’ll be out in Western Maryland (Garrett County) where I am currently. Locals and media feel a few inches of the white stuff is looking likely Wednesday night and Thursday following some rain during the day on Wednesday. Thursday’s snow will consist primarily of the usual upslope variety. You feel or seeing the same as to what the local media and such are alluding to?
  3. I got down to 8.4 this morning and to have temps get that low down my way in Baltimore’s 95 corridor WITHOUT snow cover is very very RARE and just WOW!!!!!
  4. Fire/Rescue

    January 23-25, 2019 | Winter Storm

    I see what you did there 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Just actually finished looking over some Weather Bell material.
  5. Fire/Rescue

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Question for the more educated folks and such or anyone for that matter as to who may know When it comes to modeling how on earth can it go from one extreme to the other with regard to overall temperatures and at times return right back to the initial extreme less than a day later? Below is the temperatures for a given time frame via the CFSV2 (like it or love this model) that’s not at all a part of the question as it more so just an overall question as I’ve often seen just as many of you all have seen via ALLLL the models at times. Soooo what makes a model show EXTREME COLD for a huge chunk of the country on a run only to be replaced 24 hours later (and a lot of times it may only be 12 hours later) to a starkly different look COUNTRY WIDE by as much as a 50+ degree difference for a given location by the very SAME model? Now this is not at all a question as to which scenario is the correct or believed to be the correct one but rather HOW and WHY does this occur? Like what causes a model to compute and spit out such an absurd difference run to run.
  6. Fire/Rescue

    January 17-18, 2019 Winter Storm

    Picked up an inch here just northeast of Baltimore. I’m guessing the NAM model handled this little event the best as at least for around here several of the other models had my area going over to rain with hardly any accumulation what so ever, however the NAM for days was the model that had an all snow event for the B-More region.
  7. Fire/Rescue

    January 17-18, 2019 Winter Storm

    Picked up a quick half inch thus far, however the 1st batch is coming to an end. Actually curious to see if the 2nd batch currently approaching far western Maryland and WV/VA makes it across the Appalachians intact enough to snow some more down here near Baltimore later this evening.
  8. Fire/Rescue

    January 19-21, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Yessir....the good old 95 corridor. Which of course is pretty much where the coastal plain and Piedmont come together and is our dividing line between rain and snow/ice during primarily temperature/elevation dependent events.
  9. Fire/Rescue

    January 19-21, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Yea man I’m on board with ya.... It is and has always been referred to as northern Maryland being the counties of (Cecil, Harford, Baltimore, Carroll and Frederick) to include Baltimore City. Just south of the aforementioned counties you get the “north-central” wording. Same as many folks refer to western Maryland as anywhere west of Hagerstown, hower for ME western Maryland is simply Garrett County.
  10. Fire/Rescue

    January 19-21, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Sorry for the “huh” type question. I just got back to the station following a really nasty car accident and decided to hop on here and saw this with regard to the LP placement off the coast of NC with heavy snow making it to Philly. Which model did the aforementioned data come from? thanks
  11. Fire/Rescue

    January 17-18, 2019 Winter Storm

    Where ya thinking might see 2-4”
  12. Fire/Rescue

    January 17-18, 2019 Winter Storm

    Ohhhh yea I see what you mean, totally forgot it went out several days. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Fire/Rescue

    January 17-18, 2019 Winter Storm

    Wow have to admit I am a bit shocked to see it this high, however the 15z SREF has me just under 4” for tomorrow night’s event here in the 95 corridor about 20 miles northeast of Baltimore.