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  1. Also where did this up low originate i know it’s been accompanied By MCS for the last week would be fun to find it’s birth
  2. I honestly stay out of most tropical topics because I live in Ohio and only stare and study from a distance but i must say this one is different and cool so I’m along for the discussion and the follow
  3. Tornado watch just went up here we went from 46 degrees to 72 in the matter of 2 and a half hours
  4. I dont want to even see flakes. I popped in for the long range for warming and severe weather but here we could be nothing could be 4 inches who knowas
  5. Ripping snow and staying snow almost an inch down what a storm
  6. This is very tricky eric is saying but use with caution this could be a good thump
  7. Work this time of year is terrible I just found out last night it’s going to really snow dumb on my end LOL! NWS in Cleveland just issued a winter weather advisory
  8. Sneaky little thing around here the freezing drizzle becomes the concern tonight
  9. Down to -8 here wind chill did get to -32 this afternoon I was only 3 in 1994 so I don’t really remember that cold but I can for sure tell you my car didn’t wanna start almost didn’t hear up much it’s super dry and this is the coldest air I’ve felt in my life remarkable
  10. Just had a snow squall off Erie dump a dusting in 10 minutes and cause a white out all while it was 7 degrees with an 6 dew point now that’s some awesome weather
  11. Or the fact that models never handle clipper correctly til 48 hours in and I mean ever 😂
  12. Got a quick around inch and a half helped the snow pack that was left from the rain look fresh and good so the clipper train should get us fully recovered from all the rain
  13. I’m already a quarter inch or so of fine wet snow. Woke up to clean my girlfriend car didn’t lose my whole snowpack I say most spots got 2-4 inches down so another 2 inches wouldn’t hurt the fact. Also needed to lose the snow pack in a way roads were terrible my city sucks at clearing them so I’ll take what I got left and run
  14. I got about 3 to 4 inches of my pack left but that was 10-12 inches and a layer of sleet i got lucky
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