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  1. Really hoping temps end up warmer than advertised here. Hate ice storms.
  2. Definitely has my interest. The FV3 would be amazing but it's all just fantasy at this point.
  3. Easily had 2 inch per hour rates here at its peak. 4 inches plus and family just to the north are sitting at 7. Near whiteout conditions with the wind gusts. Just incredible to watch. Back end is quickly approaching but I won’t complain a bit with what we’ve received.
  4. Yeah I know lol. Waiting for each HRRR run to load has been rough though. I am becoming increasingly confident of a decent event at my house it's been pretty consistent.
  5. Well I have slept 0 hours. Of course I just finished an overnight 12 hour shift but don't mind that...
  6. Wow the 12k NAM would give me 8+ inches if it were to verify. If those deform bands can set up just right could be a fun afternoon here.
  7. New HRRR showing 6-8 here. Not buying in but that would be amazing. The rates and wind combined could make whiteouts a possibility if it does happen though.
  8. Short range looking better and better for me here. Seeing the Nam and HRRR spitting out 3-5 is exciting considering I have no expectations. Should be fun.
  9. Best of luck! I work in health care and know how hard that stuff can be so wish you the best.
  10. Puts me right on the edge of a decent snow here in Southeast MO myself. Would hate it for other posters but we're due here for one that we aren't "supposed" to get. I know the pain of being in the jackpot for days only to be disappointed.
  11. Looks like yet another miss for me so good luck to the rest of you.
  12. That NAM run would be more than depressing for me. Hits my county and basically says nope.
  13. Grace I'm just as far south as you so don't worry about me lol. Late to the party on this one after getting burned so badly late in the game on the December storm. Here's hoping for a nice spread the wealth system it's been a while.
  14. Congrats Grace. Maybe I'll luck into a storm one of these days. Been way too long.
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