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  1. The strong winds with a full moon led to a coastal flood advisory for SoMD. Losing frontage! Anyone going to stay up to see the lunar eclipse tonight? Clear skies maybe a little chilly, but I will be out.
  2. Are you talking like the nam is showing or flat and more South maybe? Just speculating.
  3. The storm actually looks to ramp up after it leaves out in the open Atlantic. Looks to drop almost 40 in in Nova Scotia. 973 millibars.
  4. Wound up with around 10. Last night was a good thump. On to the next one!
  5. The 5 plus that fell here is melting with rain currently. Need to switch back soon.
  6. Sterling just extended the ws warning until midnight for SoMD. .
  7. If you are in Salisbury, you should get heavy snow later too.
  8. Mixing here in So MD. Maybe 3 inches so far. Any speculations on thunder as the storm pivots off the delmarva? Looks impressive on hrrr and Nam.
  9. Any thoughts on the other short range models? HRDPS is especially juicy IMBY.
  10. Sitting near confluence of Chesapeake and Potomac in my storm fort on the porch. Warnings are up numbers are increasing. Updates to follow.
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