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  1. Local SW Mo station KY3 just updated the amounts for my area
  2. Any updates on amounts for S.W. Missouri this morning?
  3. When will we be certain about the Track and Amounts for S.W. Missouri? I'm watching it closely, as I am out of state at this time, but I will need to allow myself enough time to get back home before it starts, if enough is forecasted to accumulate, because we push snow... I just dont want to jump the gun and go for nothing, I'm about 12 hours from home. Lol
  4. I hope this verfies, but unfortunately there is still time for it to change.. Lol , I'm right in that yellow circle
  5. Thank OB.. I love that run for Snowfall total here in SW Missouri... 18.7" haha!! 🤤🤞😂
  6. Wheww!! The site went down on me for a couple moments there, I had to run and grab a rag to wipe the sweat off my forehead, I though we were doomed 😂
  7. I need this to come South a few counties!! LOL hoping for a southern trend over the next few days! 😬
  8. Lol.... But would be such a great dream for me here in far S.W. Missouri around the Branson area 😂
  9. I hope that run comes true, I'm right in that Black Circle in Southern Missouri on this Map LOL
  10. I hope it trends further south, we need a good hit here in far Southern Missouri(Stone County). We didn't even get a flake out of last weekend's storm Lol!
  11. We lost power at our location here in extreme southwest Virginia(Lee County) about 15 minutes ago.... The snow was really pounding down earlier and has really piled up the trees and on the powerlines. I would say we have gotten 3" or so, so far. It has let up quite a bit as of right now
  12. Well... To tell you the truth, I'm from S.W. Missouri, about 15 miles west of Branson.... But my girlfriends family lives here in S.W. VA, so we usually are here visiting during the winter months, so I'm fairly new to the area.... but the girlfriend has lived here most of her life and she says if they get a few 3-4" storms each year, thats usually pretty normal. They usually dont get any huge storms, but they have had a few in years past.
  13. The Rain/Sleet has already switched over to snow, and it is starting to come down fairly good already... It is already starting to cover the windshield of the cars, and the roof of the shop
  14. Ok, Thank You.... and I sure will keep updated with my observations... I appreciate you all
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