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  1. Beautiful day here in Brooklyn Went strawberry picking earlier this afternoon
  2. Thunder and lightning here in Brooklyn, NY
  3. GFS did the best with this storm. It was the only model showing a mix in the NYC area really early in the storm.
  4. There were some signs of this under performing for parts of the NYC area. 1.The mixing line was racing northward faster than most models had it 2. Marginal situations are terrible for the south shores of the NYC area 3. No cold high to the north which is needed for our area since we live near the water. 4. 850s weren't favorable at all I have 15.6 inches for the winter
  5. Sleeting here in south shore of NYC I hate living near the water. I have just over an inch here. Going to bed now. Hopefully I wake up to a winter wonderland. Night everyone
  6. I live near the Sheepshead Bay train station. Not an impressive storm here at all. Hopefully it gets better overnight.
  7. Measure it I live about 6 blocks away from emmons avenue
  8. Wow ripping here. Finally starting to accumulate fast. Here we go folks
  9. Coming down pretty good here in South Brooklyn, NY
  10. The banding down south in NJ is incredible. Hopefully that hits everyone.
  11. Light snow here in Brooklyn I have under 2 inches here
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