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  1. Woah, look at that rear inflow jet... That really is a textbook, classic bow-echo racing across northern Wisconsin. Here's the associated severe thunderstorm warning:
  2. Lol. No, I knew you weren't disputing it. I was just discussing the location of the station, and why the humidity and temperatures may have been a bit warmer at this location.
  3. Ah, the satellite king! I was watching it as well, it's impressive for sure! The blow off spans some ~425 miles of the sky.
  4. That's a good possibility. That station (at the airport) is set between two lakes, so I'm sure that attributed to the high humidity levels. It was still a valid reading though, so I guess it's neither here nor there.
  5. That said, I looked at last year's forecast from July and this was the forecast: This is what actually happened for DJF: Soooo... Nearly opposite what it was forecasting. The warmest anomalies were centered over the coolest forecast, and vice-versa. Take it all with a grain of salt at this point, but it's interesting nonetheless.
  6. The July update of the JAMSTEC is in, and it's much different than last month: Zoomed in on the good ole' US of A:
  7. You're right, I couldn't remember exactly where you had the below-average temps. More or less was wondering if you were still going with that. I was right there with you until about two weeks ago when the pattern starting looking more like a "typical" transition from a collapsing El Nino to neutral / La Nina territory.
  8. A city north of my parents in Minnesota peaked at 123°F this afternoon as well, Litchfield MN:
  9. You missed the craziest part about this watch: Woah... Derecho in the making? I'm leaning towards yes.
  10. Looks like the storms are congealing, with an extremely powerful complex coming together:
  11. This is the closest weather station to me (I can't have one where I live) that I use all the time: One word... YUCK! The dew point temp is 80°F, can't tell you the last time I've seen that around these parts.
  12. You still going with a cooler August in the east?
  13. Lol! That's awesome! Some of the stories come as a result of being a bit tipsy!
  14. I"m curious to see if this is the beginning, or if this dies off and storms re-develop along it's outflow as the low pressure heads towards MN. Regardless, looks like a high-impact day is in store for some!
  15. We went from a moderate Nino in '09-'10, to a strong Nina for '10-'11. So while it looks like we may head down the same ENSO road (Nino to Nina), the intensities will most likely be significantly different, opening the door for a plethora of other factors to become involved in this upcoming winter.
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