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  1. New Severe Thunderstorm Watch till 9PM CST for West Central IL
  2. I though you had a decent line that came through like Wednesday or Thursday afternoon? We didn't receive anything over here from that
  3. mcs that moved through was pretty impressive 60 mph winds (Severe Thunderstorm Warning) and nonstop thunder and lightning. it really got going about 10 miles north of here along the outflow boundary and then dropped south through the area snapped some power lines on us-36 near the long creek area
  4. I could see a good wind threat from this potentially
  5. Their should be an impressive looking shelf cloud with it
  6. Dew points this weekend are going to be EXTREMELY high!
  7. 2" here came down in buckets when that tornado warned storm went through the south side of Macon County
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