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  1. OT, but this storm seems to be spawning nasty tornadoes in GA and AL. Severe damage and fatalities have been reported.
  2. Hey, where in "Lansdale" are you?  Pretty big zip code.  Im in Upper Gwynedd Twp. Closest major intersection is Valley Forge Rd and Morris Rd. 



  3. Hey neighbor! Right around the corner from you. Still snow but not laying yet. Temp has dropped 1.5 degrees in the past hour, so I’m hopeful.
  4. Moderate flakes here in Lansdale, PA just starting to coat the patio furniture. I was expecting virga for awhile, so this is a nice surprise! Temp 31.2, DP 16, and dew point is rising as I type. Edit: first page topper!
  5. Sleet here in Lansdale, PA (NW of Philadelphia). Temp 30, DP 26. We got less than 2” before the changeover. Like you said, the real action seemed to be south of us, with a very sharp cutoff to the north.
  6. Seems like we’re in a bubble here in the Lansdale, PA area. It’s been snowing steadily for 2 hours, but nothing heavy. Just over 1 inch on the ground. Temperature 28.
  7. Thank you! Long time lurker from the other site and I still have a lot to learn...
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