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  1. I would keep an eye out for what happens out in the ohio valley later on for what will happen tomorrow. The severe threat seems minimal but there for some potential spinups with this persistent easterly fetch sitting around nyc nj area and the energy coming right over northern pa southern ny. Wet microburst seem to be the situation. Stronger threat of a squall line into va with heating. Good luck until next time.
  2. Looks like i couldnt get the video but this will do
  3. Not sure videos load but got this at the end of may area from work.
  4. Hello been awhile just stopping by forgot my password so it took me a while to figure it out again.
  5. What an interesting spring almost summer it has been!
  6. Well after a long thought ordeal i have come to the conclusion that this will unfortunately be my last post for the forseeable future. It pains me as much as love discussing weather and helping out, i will not be back for quite some time. Be careful out there folks. Enjoy your snow and always remember to enjoy the weather for all its excitement. Tylor
  7. I really hope those areas still seeing the temp drop dont turn over to FZR that is a very bad temp to be at with rain falling.
  8. Temp has not budged down here sitting at 37/37 for hours now temp forecasted to rise to near 50 just S of here so was thinking maybe mid 40s but lets see where it goes from here.
  9. Its a real shame with the government shutdown cant get hourly ruc soundings but should know in a half hour what the latest update is for aloft across the area, broad stroke, of course. I think NYC area wont experience the surge until tries to make the mountain crossing should be after midnight. Ha yes so NW to ENE
  10. Getting some funky winds still down here varying from 310 to 060
  11. Well thats interesting our winds down here are now NW not sure they will stay that way but lets see where it goes from here. Might be the setting up of the path to follow as it crosses the mountains.
  12. yea rain is coming down nicely have a quarter inch should really start picking up in the next few hours
  13. Looking at pressure maps should go to about morgantown with the low and then traverse ENE, not a usual path, to the NJ coast. KLNS and KTHV have switched to freezing rain so they may have gotten about an inch maybe two in areas where it lasted longer.
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