Summer Sizzle

Summer outlook hints of record/extreme heat eastern half of US early and often.

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Conversation about the science, the current conditions and our changing climate in a friendly open environment

Our Story

Founded August 6th, 2018 - WX Disco was formed in haste, literally, after long time members of the late Accu Weather forums discovered those forums where closing. Our base membership is mostly made up of those members that came over and decided to make their own weather discussion site. Within' a couple of days we were up and running and the rest is history. We now have a large and growing private community from all over the world including many who have come from other sites seeking a change for the better.

The difference between WX Disco, the late Accu weather forums and most other weather forums is our dedication to the science and facts as well as our very professional courteous staff. We know that issues like climate change are sensitive to many but we also know that it is a natural occurrence that's been happening for millions of years. It is pure science and without it there would be no weather to speak of. At WX Disco we encourage conversation and opinions unlike other sites that bash and discourage talking about sensitive issues. Our first rate staff, respect for all members, and open friendly community atmosphere stands firm as our mission. Members are protected not only via our very strong privacy and security but by our philosophy that all can share and express their opinions without reprisals or attacks from other members or staff.

Plus we are 100% free for life with premium features that others charge for. Our members are WX Disco and they deserve only the best.

Our Understanding

It is Science not Politics!
Discussing the natural process of climate change is essential to understanding our Planet and Universe. We choose to lead the way not follow what others say. Fact not rhetoric.

Gary AKA PlanetMaster Founder | Developer

Our Uniqueness

We have trashed Regional Weather Forums cause they isolate, segregate, and alienate members who don't live in major metropolitan areas. One forum, any region you want down to the most local of areas where all members can share and comment about your neighborhood. Who needs regions when you have the world at your finger tips?

Daily OBS and Discussion a WX Disco original. Daily socializing about the current conditions, what's to come, was supposed happen and how it effected your day. Fun, humor, and really getting to know members personally on a day to day basis through our love of the weather. An essential part of WX Disco which can only be found here.

Without doubt the most Awesome Staff of any site and that's a fact. We do not allow the occasional trouble maker to run the show but at the same time we work with members to make them understand what is expected and what the site is about. Tact and professionalism personified, cannot be found at any other site and I will bet the house on it. When you are a member here you are guaranteed the respect that all members deserve equally. Staff is held accountable just like members and they are proven leaders of the community.

Constant development and improvement like the upcoming Weather Center that will continue to set us apart from the rest.

Our love for the weather starts as children,
big storms keep us young! Most Weather Nerds