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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays

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About this blog

idee ..."weather ideas"...idées météo...vær ideer...väderidéer 

...SF Bay Area weather...storms coming in to West Coast...El-Nino...earthquakes...fires...and many other discussions may be found here...(if/when idee bothers to)...rants are possible...:classic_wink:



Entries in this blog

Another 'leaf' falls from the 'tree'...storm track is 'online'

Another storm is just offshore of the California Coast...beautiful 'baroclinic leaf' motif rminds us that the leaves are changing and 'falling' quickly now as winter approaches...the high winds and heavy rains(and Sierra snowfall) give hope of a wet winter and abundant replenishment of snowpack in the Sierras, as well as ground water and reservoir storage of much needed runoff from these 'early' season storms(Oct.-Mar. is California's main 'rainy season')...light to moderate rain should last until Thu. with more snows in Sierras...parent low in GOA queuing up more



No 'Official' 'El-Nino yet...even so 'getting wet'

Rain fell on the whole San Francisco Bay Area yesterday...it took until late afternoon to reach San Jose and parts south...a nice soaking rain has made it easier for this next system's heavy rain to soak into the ground and re-charge the aquifer before the totals get high and run off into the stream and rivers sending it into the Bay and Pacific Ocean...Butte County and other fire-ravaged areas must remain vigilant now that heavy rain is expected...flooding, rock slides and debris flows could be common int he next few days...and may be a source of more threats to an already devastated area...rains in So Cal do not look to as quite as heavy...but steep canyons along with denuded hillsides may cause flooding and debris flows in many areas...everyone please be diligent and aware...ready to move out of harms way on short notice.   idee




Call It Stormy Monday(But Tuesday Is Just as Bad)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_It_Stormy_Monday_(But_Tuesday_Is_Just_as_Bad) ...idee had a 'day' that was 'stormy'...the 'cause celebre' of the moment without even knowing about any of the 'controversy' until today...oh well...figured to start a place to rant, predict and generally talk weather...SF Bay Area (terrible smoke from fires in Paradise, CA) and such...  Paradise...lost...                                                    our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and their loved ones who have been effected by the terrible fires...not just in Paradise, CA,... in Southern California and all other areas being damaged by nature's wrath... Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton (1608–1674). 



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