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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays

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About this blog

An attempt to breakdown the snow results and how the models fared.  May also end up throwing pro forecasts in here as well.  Meant to be interactive and debate driven.  After each storm we track (that happens), I'll provide model snow amounts from the models.  Typically, they will be from all the same run (ie 11-14 0z) and 48-60 hrs away from the end of the storm.  Various methods such as Kuchera, Cobb and Ferrier will be used as well, where available.

Entries in this blog


11-15 storm

Results from the storm are preliminary and Maine may be off a bit since its still snowing lightly there today.  We are using the NOHRSC interactive snow map which tallies up the snow reports and bases a map off of them. Lets start with the Euro - not too much variation in the three methods.  Cobb had the least in NJ, CT, NYC and LI. Next the CMC Then the FV3 NAM 12k NAM 3k I'm not even posting the GFS other than the 10:1 as it was atrocious. Every other version was less.



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