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August - The Dog Days

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The Dog Days of Summer are here!


Since the end of July we have been in the soup here on Long Island. Very muggy, tropical haze and down right hot to boot. Not often see 90 here at the shore but this August has made that a daily thing.

While those just inland have gotten torrential rains and cooling thunderstorms at the expense of flooding we have gotten very little. I have been going full steam with the sprinklers for the past two weeks just to keep the brown lawn!

Pattern looks to continue for at least the remainder of this week. Keeping cool thinking of those valley snows!



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Storm complex last night was wonderful to cool it down and water the brown lawns but more is needed. Today its full sun, humid, and hot but not too bad yet. Hope to see more storms today hopefully.

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I have recorded a fair share of 'dog days' this season as well. My criteria may be a bit weak, but nonetheless, the extremity is felt. :)



I have been recording daily observations since November of 2006. A complete 'dog day' list is located here. Fun stuff, thank you for sharing!

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