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The Forest

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Cherry Plum Growth

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The ornamental tree outside my window took quite a beating during the 2018 March 20-22 Nor'easter. It suffered terminal failure of the crown due to snow loading / weight.




However, all was not lost. Luckily this occurred before the sap started flowing (as these trees lose lots of sap when cut). New growth appeared in the spring.



Fast forward almost five months, and the shoots have grown to this:



That's it for this post. The next one will be lengthier. :classic_laugh:.

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Same thing happened to my crepe myrtle! They are always slow to leaf out, but this year I saw nothing until June...so disappointing. I'd say 1/3 of the larger branches have died, but it's looking much better now and even has a few flowers! 😊 My guess is, with the warmer weather in late winter, then the parade of snowstorms and cold in early spring, it started to bud too early, then got zapped! 






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