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TS Michael

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Hello.  I dont really want to post this on the main boards where 12 million people can see, but I thought I'd still post here so that the 'main people' on the board can get word...  While I leave the weather stuff to the experts, I finally have something I can contribute - some footage from a couple of my cameras.  I had storm surge up to my doors for Hurricane Hermine a couple years ago (I have an image gallery w/ some pix)... and if TS Michael takes a similar path, it could also make for some interesting camera shots, or worse (lol).  I didn't have the cameras back then for Hermine.  I definitely cant guarantee the feed will always be up for the entire next week (in fact it will prob go down often as I work and do various things) but I'll try to have it up at least for the interesting parts over the next few days, unless I end up with 12 million people watching, lol.  

Happy storm chasing!  Here's the feed:


[  Note to the 0.000001% thieves:  I have ADT, firepower, neighbors and friends with firepower, and a whole separate NVR of more cameras besides this one which I choose to make public.  Also - a 20 pound female schnauzer, lol.  :)  Also, despite what the twitch stream is, every camera is high resolution 4K with infra-red night vision. ]

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