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East Coast Rain Blues

Why cold and snow is out and wet a warm remains the theme in the East, join in the conversation.

  • jdrenken
    WXD Alert: WXD News
    Hello everyone,
    It should come as no surprise that we are grandfathering Accuweather's Rules and Guidelines. We are tweaking them a bit to decide on which ones fit this board the best, but I wanted to touch on this one specifically...
    2. Stay on topic! We have over 20 different Forums on subjects ranging all the way from Current Weather to Non-Weather. Topics or replies which do not belong will be moved elsewhere without notice to the author. If you want to chat with a user about something personal and off-topic, please use the Private Message system (click on their username to send them a message).
    Long range post belong in the long range sub-forum unless it's a verification of prior forecast for the period in said thread. For instance, if someone post the BSR graphics from August 1st in the August 20th thread it fits as verification. If someone post the BSR on August 20th, which is the initialization date for September 8th, in the same thread it will be marked invisible.
    This should be old news to us salts from Accuweather and I shouldn't have to be reminding those people how it's done.

  • WeatherMonger
    WXD Alert: Post Discussion
    Although I'm talking about an awkward north-south warm front Friday, looks like a pretty healthy system Friday morning. Very impressive how well defined the warm front is on HRRR. Extreme shear in the warm sector, too. Southerly surface winds, 40-50 knot SWerly 850mb winds, and of course the strong westerly jet streak at 500mb. Good to see this train of low pressures. This coming one looks much better aloft than it does at the surface.

  • Solstice
    WXD Alert: Post Discussion
    A Slight Risk of Severe Thunderstorms is Forecast Today and/or Tonight A few severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening across parts of the middle Mississippi Valley and Mid South region. Damaging wind gusts appear the primary hazard, but there may be some risk for an isolated tornado or two. Rain gauge was .35" from the misc stuff during the day,  and when I checked it this morning, it was at 2.32" - so just under 2" of rain from that little thing!!

  • UTSwiinii
    WXD Alert: Post Discussion
    SPC sparking interest in this potential - two culprits at play. One is an approaching warm front which should move in ahead in response to a shortwave traveling  north of the MidAtl and bring rains to interior NE and points N-E from there. I would think that region would welcome some moisture. Part two is  sun induced destabilization to affect the regions E of the Apps (roughly)

  • PlanetMaster
    WXD Alert: 0
    Lots of front and back end configuring to do but I have opened registration so members can get started 'acquainting' themselves with the new software. I know its foreign compared to the old board but thats 15+ years old technology, welcome to the present and future to come...
    The current setup you see is the default application and a theme I installed it will need mucho customization to bring it to the atmospheric side but you gotta start somewhere. I will work on this and many other things to get us up to speed.
    In the meantime maybe Mr Renkin can put together a staff, I d say an admin or two to start, beside himself, some global mods, and sprinkle in some forum specific mods.
    We need lots of input from members on layout and forum structure. I came up with a different more organized structure, any input suggestions, changes, modifications are welcome and expected. This is your site, I am just the manager 👽, run it as you see fit and just let me know what you want.
    Quick overview for members:
    Account, notifications, PMs, etc in top right.
    Check profiles add what only you want to reveal
    Check your notification settings, there are quite a few. This software includes real time desktop notifications, will be a blast during snowstorms.
    Upload avatar, profile background, create a gallery for your image store, explore.
    You can post new topics, insert attachments, add video, almost any media.
    More info and how you can get support and make suggestions here:
    Just bear with me while I work on this as much as I can in my available spare time. Dont get hung up on the current layout, menu,  or colors or anything else for that matter, its all generic at this point. Once I have it all configured to mine and your liking I can start adding some gravy on top with the design. Also gives me a chance to create some new weather related mods for IPS. Any questions post in the forum or PM me or jdrenken until we get a full staff on board.

  • PlanetMaster
    WXD Alert: WXD Updates
    Wanted to post about the site, its development, staff, and overall outlook.
    In most cases I wouldn't have even opened the site without a month of development but this was a on the fly thing and we wanted it right away. So I did my best to get the most important aspects up and running so we can begin. That being said there is sooo much still to do on the back and front end. I am doing this all in my spare time and putting off things in my own life to get this up and running smoothly, which I don't mind at all. Working as fast as I can but there are some things that need care and patience so it is a lengthy process. All I ask is members to bear with us but keep posting your ideas, suggestions, issues and bugs if you see them, I will get around to them.
     I haven't even setup our mail server yet cause we need to settle on a permanent domain name. So this weekend that will all be done. Once the official mail server is running any spam issues will be gone and there should be no more problems in that area.
    I also have tons to do on the server side optimizing and securing certain applications.
    JD is getting settled in himself and will be selecting a staff to help out just need some time.
    The theme and layout is the default themes I have installed. This will be customized over thee next few weeks and months for our site. Again patience and post your ideas.
    I will be creating apps to serve things such as current conditions at your location. These will be hosted here and I will write the API, not looking to have WU weather boxes here when we can have our own service.
    Looking to have a weather station area where members can add their personal stations and members can view the current conditions. This and other apps are in my mind and will come to pass but it takes time.
    I want more forums and more weather related mods to create for the site. More more more.
    Your input is key to building the site. Post them and I may not get to it this week but as long as they are there I can always refer to them.
    Basically what I am saying the site is in its infancy. It will be a long road getting this to how we want it. With the help of you, the members, plus your input we will get there. Patience is the key, enjoy the evolution of the site and just watch it mature around you. You are the founding members and a year from now can talk about how far the site has come. We will get there together but it is going to take time.
     Cheers to all who have joined, I will give my best to making this site the numero uno social weather destination online...