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  2. For a high end tornado threat, and two PDS watches. Have to say around 12 tornado reports is good. Failure of storms to form in the warm sector was the saving grace. Feel that the general public will complain of hype though.
  3. We're just about in it right now. Things are mostly linear now so the main threat is QLCS tornadoes and sporadic embedded supercells. The threat for those long-lived strong tornadoes would be with discrete supercells but with the sun setting the chances for pre-frontal activity is decreasing. Texas has some crazy tornadic supercells right now.
  4. IDK. They did it to Brett Adair's live feed without permission when he almost died in hurricane Michael.
  5. Eh, they could already have prearranged permission. TWC features a lot of chaser content and live feeds anymore. Days like today are the only times I ever watch them amd I have since switched to Philles @ Cubs game.
  6. Cliche would know better than I but I think the main time to watch is in the next two hours, the storms are starting to move more easterly into central Oklahoma where the instability is insanely high and is practically untapped thus far
  7. @ClicheVortex2014 are we passing the most dangerous time frame?
  8. It says "Not For Broadcast," but The Weather Channel just broadcast it.
  9. I'm glad Forbes is only semi-retired. Once he is fully retired TWC will officially be dead to me.
  10. To it's SW. This would be so m7ch easier of you could choose multiple uploads at same time.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Everyone’s eyes should be on this line, they’re moving into off the charts parameters and any one of those cells that you can make out could still definitely produce.
  13. Who actually wants this to verify though? Imagine if they went conservative and then it did verify, countless lives would be in danger. While I agree about people blowing it off, that’s on their own stupidity, people should always be weather aware when there’s severe weather. Take last night for example, two confirmed tornadoes in Ohio with no tornado warnings. Although not big tornadoes, this is still an example of why you can never let your guard down.
  14. Should be a nice lab for all of us! Each season has its unique characteristics and surprises. Welcome to the ride!
  15. Lubbock is basically telling storm chasers what to do in the tornado warning
  16. This kind of relied on warm sector cells popping which has always been a difficult thing for models to figure out and probably not something that will change for a while. Another complication was storm interaction between the cells that developed on the dryline.
  17. Is anyone having issues with Radarscope loading things on time? Can't see it right now!
  18. TWC coverage of this event is abysmal. Thank goodness for our forum and the up to the second accounts of those brave and dedicated storm chasers!
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