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US Wild Weather

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November 11-26, 2018 | Cold Blasts | Polar Air

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Wasn't sure where to post this - but last night was interesting. 

It had been gusty in the evening, and this was expected - however I woke up (lightly) a few times due to wind gusts, then around 3:30AM there was a crazy sustained wind gust over 40mph (didn't break the record on my PWS so I can't find out what it is, it's no longer on network so can't check the app data). 

Seems cold air advection from the mountains caused a large pressure differential and thus these sudden gusts?

LWX already mentions this phenomenon in their disco for tonight, but this time they're mentioning gusts up to 50 possible. 

Anyways I wasn't familiar with this type of wind before.. kinda interesting. I'm sure the terrain around here has a bit to do with it. 

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