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You're welcome i70!

At first your mention about Opportunity threw me then I remembered that they'd be lucky to go beyond January but something was gnawing at me about JPL doing 'passive listening' this quote is what I remembered:


Finally, if the silence continues, the team will transition into passive listening, eavesdropping on Mars-observing antennas for chance signals from Opportunity. Regardless of when that 45-day period ends, the team will continue passively listening through the end of January, John Callas, Opportunity project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told Space.com. (NASA's original statement about the decision said simply that the team would be given "several months" for passive listening after the period of active listening ends.)

But at the end of January, the rover's time will be up and, with it, the Mars Exploration Rover mission, which originally consisted of Opportunity and its sister robot, Spirit. "We're not ending the mission after 45 days," Callas told Space.com. "But I'm not going to keep full staffing around for six months or eight months if the chance of success is low."


I still find it hard to believe that someone somehow won't try to leave JPL's receiver open for passive listening, it's a long shot with Opportunities signal down to 1 watt or less but what'a ya gotta lose? But I guess that's it then, so long ol' soldier! If we're lucky in about 10years there'll be a team there to commemorate Opportunities resting place.

Thank you for the heads up!


Related: Mars Exploration Rovers | Status Update

Hmm...I wonder what Opportunities frequency is, how hard would it be to have a private enterprise leave a receiver open?

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