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    Looks like real changes heading into October, one would hope.......
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    There's a Canadian website that might be interesting here. It plots 2 weeks of NAEFS ensmble forecasts for major airport sites in North America (Canada/USA/Mexico). You can go to https://weather.gc.ca/ensemble/naefs/EPSgrams_e.html and select country and station-or-code. Or you can insert the 4-character ICAO code into the URL when launching the webpage. E.g. for Buffalo (KBUF) the invocation is... https://weather.gc.ca/ensemble/naefs/EPSgrams_e.html?station=KBUF The output plot is in 4 strips, all units are metric (it is a Canadian government website). The top strip is temperatures. Here's Buffalo (KBUF)...
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    Since this is essentially an observation trend: Humidity had ebbed, here in Bucks. There was a moment last night, just a brief one, when the air was actually dry-ish. I breathed, telling my lungs that all was well, not to panic, "air isn't supposed to act like a slurry." This morning it was misting again. Windshield wipers required. My lungs settled back down to status quo ante... :)
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    The Springfield ASOS is incredibly questionable. it is way out of line with the other stations both in 90F days and what it shows on individual days. It is regularly 5-7F above any other surrounding stations. I've had a bunch of mid 90s days this summer in Mahomet, nothing over 100F. It just seems like more because its heat into mid and late September yet again. I am looking forward to the fall like weather showing in the LR. 60s/40s isn't incredibly chilly at all for this time of year - only a bit below normal - but will be such a relief out of this four week (minus 4 day) stretch of disgusting hot and sticky weather.
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    No experience with birches here as I am just on the southern edge of their range for my elevation. Although, I do have 3 growing in pots that a bought from soil & water this spring and will be planting them next month. I'll report back in 20 years or so and let you know how they "turn" (out).
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    This interactive map shows real-time weather information, including temperature, wind speed, precipitation, air pressure and storms, around the world. Link opens to Map: Ventusky Weather Map
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    Haha I was in the process of making a thread for this threat, glad u beat me to it Looks like a decent rain maker if some of the Guidance is to be believed, granted we are talking convection here lol 12z Euro Rgem 3k nam
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    KPQI checking in. Looks like the growing season is coming to an end in northern Maine.
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    Hate to be That Guy, but here in western CT we have a seasonably cool day. Still only in the low 60s, with cloud cover to keep it that way. It appears to warm up again tomorrow, but now when it warms up everything smells like fall leaves, and i know it's coming to an end...so i'll enjoy it while i can!
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    I'm not real sure either way. Being an official weather site I'm sure they have things calibrated regularly. I usually look at intellicast as well, has a few PWS readings and they are usually similar. All about location I guess, I can get a good band of precip whether rain or snow and the airport just 2 miles away is on the edge, I can measure 2" IMBY yet they only get 1/2" or nothing. It officially goes down as Springfield getting what they got. Set a record high yesterday Weird, won't let me do 2 quotes for some reason
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    Looking forward to the possible 50s- 60s for highs Sunday/ Monday. Sunday ...
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    Nice and cool outside. Relatively to the past weeks I guess. Got a photo from @StretchCT's neck of the woods .
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    Ultimately, Ol'Sol will have it's way and the bubble will shrink. If there is one good thing about the seasons, it's that they are seasonal. Even Florida will cool down, with less sun. It's just astounding to see it last this long. The most persistent bubble that I can remember, here. "Louisiana on the Delaware" since July. Weather is weather. We can't change it... ...yet. ;)
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    00Z ECMWF dew point temperatures indicate much drier air contidions for most of the area. That will certainly work a long way to make the air more confortable and fresher. All the data reflects early afternoon time around 2 PM. On the 25th, southern areas should see higher dew point temperatures while on the 26th, most of the region should see increased dew point temperatures as new cold front approaches from the northwest and with that winds ahead of the front switch to the southwest to the NE. On the 27th, they crash once again. 22nd: :
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    Much nicer 'feel' to the weather here in Northern Ct this afternoon, little cooler and for sure drier then it has been.
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    Yes, there it is in a nutshell. I spent all weekend outside, trying to make some sense out of what remains in the flowerbeds, and convincing myself "It's really not that bad today..." But yes, yes it WAS still bad. Dews dropped to the upper 60's which felt like relief from the mid-70's dews we had prior. But the air was so stagnant again...brief breezes would whip up, but stopped dead in their tracks after a minute or so. I counted 18 skeeter bites on my left leg Saturday night, cuz that's what I do for entertainment on weekends!! 🙄 Seriously though, mosquito activity is unbearable now, nothing EVER dries out, as Rob said. The grass is always wet, all day long, whether we've had rain or not. I get dripped on from random, unknown sources when there's nothing on the radar. Most miserable summer weather EVER!! Yep, NOLA in PA...except I have no desire to live in this kind of climate, so do we head north?
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    Trump while going to see the Carolinas tomorrow using this map saying see global warming is a myth I can see it now
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    I deliberately ended your sentence here because it fits me a bit better.
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    Hit 83.7° yesterday, dew points in the low 70s again, it was uncomfortable working in the bright sun despite the noticeably lowering Sun angle.
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    Turned Air off yesterday evening slept with the windows open all night. it was nice hopefully it will stay this way but I doubt I though.
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    Humidity through the roof here today. Had the a/c off over the weekend, checked this afternoon, temp 75 in the house, humidity 75%. Turned the a/c back on. 😕
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    In going to be extremely disappointed if I have to go from air conditioning (which it looks like will have to stay on most of this week) to heat in 2 weeks. Never a easy transition anymore in the Great Lakes region just does summer! COLD! Winter. HOT!
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    Today is Edmonton-Airport's 5th consecutive September snow day which put September 12-16, 2018 in a 2-way tie for 3rd place for the longest run on record. If this continues, we will break the all-time record 2018-09-18. Tweet (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DnNxpt9VAAEs6TF.jpg)
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    Even raking Cuba it still kept that beast look O_o Cuba saved our bacon here in FL...if it hadn't slowed it down she would have been a cat 5 here too.
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